Who & Which, in your view, is the most representative product of the last 60 years of design?

Edward Barber e Jay Osgerby Probably the office chair in leather and aluminium by the Eameses, the Eames Aluminium Group Chair.

Today it has the same meaning it had at the time of its debut on the market, and it is still one of the most widespread chairs in the world. Erwan e Ronan Bouroullec I’m not sure how to answer this. But I think that in the end, the answer is children and all the wealth they carry inside. Also in the hope that the new generations will know how to have more mental openness, with more conscious respect for differences. Children can set a good example for us… Stephen Burks But how can a single product represent 60 years of design? There are so many. From the TGV (the French high-speed train) to the iPhone, the 606 Universal Shelving System by Dieter Rams to the Lounge Chair by the Eameses, the Space Shuttle to the Personal Computer: each of these products is a declaration of culture in its own right, and embodies a profound meaning. Antonio Citterio The iPad or the iPhone. Because besides changing the lives of millions of people, they have clarified very well just what design is: research, technology, innovation, use, expression, all in one! Not a problem of language, but one of synthesis. Claesson Koivisto Rune The Personal Computer. Odo Fioravanti The Juicy Salif citrus squeezer by Philippe Starck for Alessi: the definitive sign of a paradigm shift that challenges every traditional approach to design, with narrative taking over from everything else. Design definitively becomes a language. Carlo Colombo I think not of a product but of a designer: Joe Colombo, who was one of the greatest protagonists of the 1960s. Though he died young, he left us many very beautiful and still very timely pieces. Joe Colombo had something extra, he was fifty years ahead of his colleagues, with a truly extraordinary vision of the future! Like Mies van der Rohe, who for me was one of the greatest architects of the last century, so Joe Colombo stands out in the field of design.br /> Konstantin Grcic Anything that has to do with mobility. Martí Guixé The monocoque chair. Ineke Hans The Knotted Chair by Marcel Wanders from 1997. Everything was new: the aesthetic, the material, the technique, the approach. Ferruccio Laviani It is hard to make choices in such a vast field, and above all to make a selection in that infinity of projects that have been accomplished. From anonymous design to ‘signature’ design, the products I think have the most substance are those that have become ‘follow me’ things across the years, that are still used in the way in which they were originally conceived. Mathieu Lehanneur The Cloud. It is much more than a product: the Cloud is a digital divinity! Arik Levy The transformation of society and its modus operandi. I don’t think of a particular object, but instead of the persons who invent, make and use objects. Lievore Altherr Molina It is hard, but I’ve chosen one. Probably the most representative because it has created a vision that is still valid today. We could say it invented a contemporary typology of office chairs: the Eames Aluminium Group Chairs. Piero Lissoni I think not of a product but of a company, and it is Olivetti. Why? Because inside this company there was an extraordinary cosmic coincidence: we find the humanistic vision of industry, but also absolute creativity and a vision of the future that would arrive thirty years later, with Apple. In parallel, I would choose Brionvega as well. Both these companies took the technology of the era to extremes, but they looked at it as if it was already closed up in a box of the past, ready to imagine a new world. Take the Olivetti store in Venice: out of context it is an extraordinary sculpture by Carlo Scarpa, but contextualized it is the Apple Store of 2014! There is a marvelous farsighted quality about Olivetti: to make its shops, it explored city after city, place after place, choosing the best designers: BBPR in Milan, Carlo Scarpa in Venice. When I go to Venice I look at that store and say: wow! Ross Lovegrove The most representative design product of the last 60 years, a true icon, has to be a non-electronic product: I’ll say the Panton chair by Werner Panton. It expresses everything in a single holistic gesture… material, form and humanity. Jean-Marie Massaud I think of two symbols. The Citroën 2CV (1948): mobility, convenience, intelligence, synthesis, reduction. And the iPhone ecosystem: access, linkage, services, mobility. It represents a true revolution because each of us becomes a true connected ‘neuron,’ with an impact on the nervous system of humanity. Steve Jobs is definitely the best designer of the last 60 years. Ingo Maurer Sorry, I cannot answer that: there are so many beautiful projects. It would be too hard to have to choose my favorite flower. Alberto Meda The iPhone. Paola Navone I don’t think I can choose just one object. In the last 60 years so many great masters have worked on the form of things, giving history unique objects: from Ponti to Mollino, Scarpa to Munari. Then Mendini, Sottsass, Magistretti… the list is very long. How to choose? Nendo The Sony Walkman. Luca Nichetto The Arco by the Castiglioni brothers. Philippe Nigro If we are talking about an aesthetic/functional object there are many, but I would mention one that was created about 60 years ago and remains a very modern icon even today: the Eames Aluminium Group Chairs by Charles and Ray Eames. Or the Parentesi by the Castiglioni brothers. Jorge Pensi Not a product, but a designer, two of them in fact. And here I have no doubts: the creative work of Charles and Ray Eames. Marc Sadler I truly wouldn’t know what to define as ‘the best,’ but I think the Bic pen is a very apt example of good design. Sawaya&Moroni Where our collection is concerned I have no doubts: the Maxima chair by William Sawaya, for its technological and formal newness. But I also think of many other products that have written the ‘genome’ of worldwide design. Perhaps, though, no design has yet surpassed the simplicity, classic character and brilliance of the Ant Chair by Arne Jacobsen. Matteo Thun What is the most representative design object of the last 60 years? I think of many, but I’ll say the first that comes to mind: the Post-it. An idea more than a design, a concept, a gesture. It has been copied widely, and for me it represents a sort of precursor of Twitter: quick, to the point, few words. In this sense it is a symbol of our times, which are quick, with an accent on the disposable, colorful and irreverent, not too engaging or committed. Its use knows no age groups, no background. It is found all over the world, it is global, in fact: another characteristic of the development over the last decades. Tokujin Yoshioka I think of the LED, which has revolutionized the world of lighting.