Creativity and imagination in the works of Bethan Laura Wood, for a fruitful collaboration between two historic Italian companies, Cassina and Venini

When excellences meet, the outcome is guaranteed. Here we’re talking about Cassina and Venini, two Italian firms that are working together to promote creativity on the international plane.

For the occasion, Bethan Laura Wood an eccentric and poetic artist designer, has taken the field for her first collaboration with Venini.

The English designer achieves the perfect synthesis between centuries-old art and contemporary design with the Colourdisc vases, a fruit bowl and a cylindrical flower vase.

Colored compositions of discs and “diamonds” in Murano glass are arranged around a brass volume, available in two light-colored finishes to create a graphic dialogue between the content and the vase itself.

Inside it is possible to insert an optional blown glass vase in amber or horizon blue, allowing it to be filled with water.

When the discs are hit by sunlight or evening lighting, the colors are reflected on the vases to create a kaleidoscopic game.

Bethan Laura Wood, who has always been attracted to the emotional impact created by the layering of colors, shapes, materials and fabrics, explains: “The works play both with physical weight and the harmony of colors to create a scenic balance with satellites of glass arranged around a core of light.

Each form of decorative glass unites two points of color taken from the Venini Archive, superimposed to create a third shade.