The new reversible flush-to-wall solution within everyone's reach

Designing the restyling of one's home to conform to changing trends may seem like a complex undertaking. In reality, even the mere replacement of doors, without undertaking time-consuming architectural renovation work, can prove to be a solution for giving the environment more contemporary tones. But if you look primarily at aesthetics, as well as cost, it is the details that make the difference. The right technical characteristics are essential to outline the quality of the product and avoid problems and doubts at the time of installation.

One door for all needs

With its flush-to-wall aesthetics, Protek's Reversa 44 represents the right compromise between the customer's requirements and the professional's needs in terms of ease of installation: a single version that meets all installation needs, regardless of the mode and direction of opening. Whether you are looking for a pull or push door, with a right or left-handed pivot axis, Reversa 44 makes design accessible to all, even in terms of cost. Available in the four standard dimensions for passageways, its adaptability to various needs makes it an ideal solution. Supplied complete with a magnetic lock, it leaves the choice of handle, a more personal detail, to the end user.

Quick and correct installation

Suitable for all wall thicknesses, thanks to elements that allow the subframe to be hooked to the substrate to make the whole more solid and cohesive, Reversa 44 is supplied with assembly kits for rapid and correct installation. In addition to the fixing kit, dedicated to plastered walls, and the plasterboard kit, installers appreciate the tools that allow the slab to be positioned perpendicularly quickly and without errors. The presence of gaskets on three sides favours soundproofing, eliminating the light blade at the top. In addition, die-cast aluminium button brackets guarantee a seal between the upright and the upper transom, withstanding the stresses caused by opening and closing.

Quick and easy painting

In addition to the two concealed hinges that can be adjusted on all three axes, the flush aesthetics are ensured by the door panel supplied unfinished, with its honeycomb inner layer covered with a primed MDF sheet that allows it to be painted quickly and easily.