The new version, improved in controls and technology, of the Veneto brand

Falmec's Quantum Pro represents the evolution of the Quantum model, an integrated firing system inspired by the 'unique and indivisible' concept characteristic of quantum particles. In a nutshell,  correlation that defines the particles as if they were a single object, even if they are at a huge distance apart, and that allows the first particle to influence the second one instantaneously, and vice versa.

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Cutting-edge technology for high peformance

The new version of Quantum Pro by Falmec is improved both in its controls, thanks to a new touch slider with display, and in its cooking technology, characterised by high performance and new functions including automatic pot recognition, cooking timer for each zone, and Keep Warm function.

Minimalist and total black aesthetics

In Quantum Pro, Falmec has retained the minimalist aesthetics of the classic version, enhanced by an 'all black' screen print. The suction apparatus, positioned in the centre, is equipped with a motorised opening system with glass veils that open automatically and then close at the end of use, guaranteeing uniformity of the surface. The suction area is delimited along its entire perimeter by a black painted steel frame with anti-scratch treatment.

Even easier installation and maintenance

Quantum Pro by Falmec is also available in the Easy filtering version for easier installation and maintenance thanks to the Carbon.Zeo filter, integrated in the hood body, which allows the air to be sucked in, filtered and re-entered into the sanitary space of the cabinet. The filtering system exploits the advantages of the special filter (composed of carbon and zeolite) to absorb odours, impurities and reduce humidity.

Technical features

Other technical features include: the Recall function that resets cooking settings in the event of accidental switch-off, 9-level adjustable power + Double Booster, pan presence sensor, control/child safety lock, pause function and Double Bridge.