Formats, surfaces, colours and decors in the new Clayton collection

Clayton is the new interpretation of cement created with 3D Ink technology that enhances the material aspect of the Ragno collection. It comes in a range of neutral, natural colours that follow interior design trends, creating warm, welcoming environments: Fabric, Nude, Earth, IronSmoke and Dark Grey.

New colours and formats

The six nuances are available in different formats ranging from 30x60 cm to 60x60 cm, via 60x120 cm to the brand new 100x100 cm. The collection features different surfaces, from the softest mainly for residential use to the most structured for more demanding uses and outdoor use. In this way it is possible to create in&out solutions that are very trendy today.

Indoor and outdoor

The collection is also completed by a white-body wall tile in the new 33x100 cm size in the colours Fabric, Nude, Iron, Blue and Green in which geometric and floral patterns taken from the world of fabrics and damasks, but reinterpreted in a modern key, design walls with a strong visual impact. Clayton is suitable for designing both indoor and outdoor residential and commercial spaces.