The 2024 washbasins return to a natural idea of the bathroom, with stone-effect finishes and unexpected tactile qualities

The bathroom is the place of the senses, the space where design meets the body and makes it the cornerstone of material and colour choices. RAK Ceramics in 2024 confronts these themes with two new products: RAK-Skin and RAK-Batu. Two collections focused on the simplicity of the dialogue between touch and surface, senses and nature. The new washbasins, in different shapes and sizes, focus on the pleasure of materials, the colours of stones, the simplicity of visual effects borrowed from elementary architecture and rough surfaces.

A complex system

Perhaps it is the rapid process of dematerialisation of many everyday gestures, perhaps it is the omnipresence of digital artifice, but there is a widespread need for authenticity. It is a move towards sensory perceptions with a decisive step, which paradoxically technology makes easier thanks to sophisticated finishes that reproduce in detail the qualities of natural materials. RAK-Skin is in fact not a simple collection of washbasins, but a part of a more complex system, to be combined with bathroom furniture and surfaces in the search for contrasts or harmonies that transform the concept of comfort.

Technological finishes and evolved glazes

The warmth of natural stone, which until recently was almost exclusively the domain of the craftsman, now reaches serial and rationalised production and a wider market thanks to the use of technological finishes and evolved glazes that give a very natural three-dimensionality to the surface. The pleasure of stone at your fingertips, in a rational collection concept that can be easily combined with wood-finish complements.

A lifestyle project

The body needs care, in a time like this. And care passes through aesthetic research in its most expressive code, which even before passing through the eyes takes possession of the skin. It is often said that the surface is the epidermis of things, the space of immediate, almost exclusively physical communication. RAK Ceramics with the Skin collection insistently returns to this beneficial dialogue to transform the bathroom into a lifestyle project.

Visual and aesthetic stimuli

Needless to say, the senses are protagonists, personal choices are imperative. But in interior design the central role is in the hands of the designer, who in the 2024 RAK Ceramics catalogue finds multiple interpretative possibilities, visual and aesthetic stimuli that are transformed into space thanks to a compositional system designed to be flexible and meet individual expectations.

Protagonists of contrast

The innovative materials used possess a gentle, enveloping quality, resulting in an extraordinarily refined aesthetic. When combined with RAK Ceramics bathroom furniture featuring wood-effect materials, RAK-Skin washbasins elevate the bathroom to a realm of exceptional comfort, achieved through a harmonious interplay of warm-toned finishes. Conversely, when embellished with stone effect, the washbasins become contrasting protagonists; the fusion of warm and cold tones produces a soft, relaxing result.