Above ground and customisable, Iron Sistemi's brand proposal creates an oasis of well-being within the home

Turning a corner of the house into a small spa. For some time now, that of bringing a swimming pool inside or outside the home, in the garden or on the terrace, has no longer been a dream conditioned by generous dimensions or luxury scenarios. The market and design, thanks to the modularity of design solutions and research into materials, now allow spaces that are not necessarily as large as those of hotels, wellness centres and villas to be equipped as a wellness oasis.

Outdoor e indoor

This is the direction taken by the Recta above-ground swimming pool by Spatium, designed by Iron Sistemi, created to interpret a new concept of personal spa within a contemporary living space. A model that, thanks to the technological research conducted by the Iron Sistemi team, guarantees, through modularity, the best performance within the domestic space. Recta adapts to every indoor and outdoor environment in the home, from the garden to the terrace, from the living room to the bedroom, transforming the domestic environment into a true oasis of peace and well-being.

Maximum customisation

Recta is equipped externally with modular, soft cushions, upholstered and covered in removable fabric, which can be assembled as desired to configure a small living room adjacent to the water space. A storage pouf in the same material can serve not only as a seat, but also as a support for sipping a drink in company. Conceived in the name of maximum customisation, for both domestic and hotel environments, all the models in the collection are characterised by clear, essential lines, ideal to be freely and creatively inserted according to the designers' needs.

Made in Italy and industrial know-how

Behind Spatium pools, there is the strength and design intelligence of Iron Sistemi, the team driven by a new interest in international development and the desire to give life to a versatile and innovative project that balances the technical-industrial language with that of modern design. "Iron Sistemi," explains Filippo Bolpagni, managing director of the team and CEO of Spatium Piscine, "is the custodian of a made-in-Italy and high industrial know-how: the design and functional skills that have always been the company's distinguishing features have created the conditions for shining the spotlight on a creative product, able to present itself to the international market today through a collection of above-ground pools with highly innovative technology and aesthetics.

Innovative and creative design

The self-supporting above-ground pool is certainly the most popular and most numerically increasing solution in the market today. "Design and ease of installation are its strong points," continues Bolpagni. "Their fusion has led to technologically avant-garde solutions, with short assembly times and ease of installation without sacrificing the pleasantness of an innovative and sophisticated design.