An intelligent and contemporary alternative for wellness is Iron Sistemi's proposal for the wellness and hospitality sector

The wellness market is experiencing exponential growth and is showing great vitality on the part of Made in Italy. The new Spatium Piscine brand is born from the experience of Iron Sistemi in industrial processing - laser cutting and bending - of metal sheets. The brand focuses on the sector of small above ground pools intended for the hospitality and residential market. The vocation is international and responds with flexibility and intelligence to the increasingly bespoke requests of a sector based on production technology and aesthetic research.

The three flagship products, the Recta, Planar and Orlo models, are hybrid products, which integrate the different indoor and outdoor functions. Designed to be modular, they offer great installation flexibility. They are products designed to modulate the outdoors and the well-being of a domestic aquatic space. Just as they are able to integrate into hotels and resorts.

The basic idea of ​​Recta, Planar and Orlo is to create functional, easy-to-maintain products, also designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, becoming a high-end furnishing accessory that completes interior projects devoted to luxury and to comfort. Combining a technical-industrial language with a modern design, the line is based on well-being, comfort and sustainability. Planar is the outdoor model, which adapts to the different slopes of the terrain and is configured as an above ground pool capable of creating a wellness oasis even in less than ideal installation conditions. Recta, on the other hand, is the model designed for comfort and maximum flexibility of use, with a decidedly leisure vocation: cushions, modular and removable padding and a pouf-container that can act as a service element as well as a simple comfort complement. Finally, Orlo, the model designed to be a real piece of furniture. Small and linear dimensions make it an ideal choice for smaller environments, both external and internal.

Spatium Piscine responds with formal skills and technological know-how to an increasingly interesting market niche, focused on a contemporary idea of ​​wellness bespoke. Small SPA for private use, or a wellness lounge to share with friends. A simple relaxation or fitness break, it is the most comfortable and customizable alternative to the more traditional wellness areas.