If you are looking for inspiration for some ideas for Christmas gifts under 100 euros, we have drawn up a list of design proposals that combine quality, thrift and... a pinch of spirit
Among the main variables to consider when researching and selecting gifts there is certainly the budget. That's why in our Festive Guide we have included 11 proposals for cheap Christmas gifts for design lovers.

We have selected them with a precise criterion, that is, so that they are gifts that primarily preserve quality and care of design and workmanship, that are trendy in some cases, but also so that they can arouse curiosity and bring spirit under the tree. All, strictly, under 150 euros.

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1. Pocopiano Ø15cm by Orografie, design Paolo Stefano Gentile

Designed by Paolo Stefano Gentile for Orografie, Pocopiano is the ceramic plate-tray on a circular base with a rhythmic shape, which allows you to present dishes in an unusual way thanks to the internal hollow, generated by a progressive slope. A contrast between minimal aesthetics and infinite creative possibilities, Pocopiano allows you to play with plating and textures. Pocopiano is available in two versions: with a diameter of 15cm or 30cm.

To be given as a gift to palate experts but also to those who love to experiment and amaze guests at the table

Cost: €75.00 (15cm)

2. The book Modernist Icons. Midcentury Houses and Interiors (Gestalten)

A celebration of the most iconic modern style interiors and homes. Modernist Icons. Midcentury Houses and Interiorsis the new volume of Gestalten in coffee table book format which illustrates a section of Mid Century projects from around the world, between organic shapes and elegant lines, capable of narrating a timeless style.

To gift to those who collect coffee table books and who love to be inspired, in particular, by modern architecture.

Cost: €60.00

3. Stella Dinner Plate, Bitossi Home

Iconic in its funny proposals for the table and beyond, this season Bitossi has presented a series of new porcelain plates with small icons as protagonists (in this case a star, but there are also the apple, the moon, the key...), associated with short romantic phrases.

To gift to those to whom you want to dedicate a special message, with lightness and a pinch of fun.

Cost: €45.00

4. Jannelli&Volpi's notebooks by Alessandro Enriquez

A set of three small notebooks with graphic and colorful motifs, including homages to Italy and symbolism of love, whose covers are made with the EnriquezLand wallpaper collection, designed by Alessandro Enriquez for Jannelli&Volpi. They are part of the JV Edition accessories line, of which Jannelli&Volpi is publisher.

To give to anyone who remains inexorably and romantically attached to notes on paper

Cost: €22.00, on sale at the Jannelli&Volpi JVstore

5. Masonite Placemat by Lisa Corti

Placemat, underplate or centrepiece: Lisa Corti brings a precious element to the table with these versatile gold leaf placemats made entirely by hand in Italy, with eco-sustainable material. In the photo, the timeless Glory flower by Lisa Corti in shiny shades of red. They are also available in blue, butter or Veronese green.

To gift to a true connoisseur of the art of tableware and hospitality.

Cost: €80.00

6. Seletti black Lipstick cushion

Irreverent as it is iconic, giving away the unmistakable Toiltetpaper graphics for Seletti is always a good idea. In this case, in its soft version, with the 'Lipstick' cushion in black. Also available in blue and pink.

To gift to anyone who is a true fan of the creations of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. For those who already have everything from Toiletpaper, and then the cushion becomes a complement, or for those who have few heirlooms to feed.

Cost: €98.00

5. Avocado Flask

Designed by Giovanni Tomasini, Avocado Flask is the vase designed to promote the best domestic germination of the avocado seed: the conical mouth keeps the seed firmly in position, dry and sheltered, without it falling and allowing the roots to develop freely in the water below. It reduces the space between the seed and the water and, thanks to the narrowing, the water surface exposed to the air is minimal, reducing the risk of dust and small parasites infiltrating and the consequent development of mould, bacteria or harmful organisms but also promoting preservation and reduced evaporation of the water, allowing a minimum quantity to be used for topping up.

To gift to those who have an Urban Jungle style home but also to those who are shy with a green thumb and feel more confident with a guideline.

Cost: €35.00

7. Reactive by 24Bottles

Urban Bottle is the iconic non-thermal and reusable water bottle by 24Bottles, which for the REactive collection is dressed in extra fluorescent colors that react, precisely, with cold drinks and thanks to color-changing technology. It can be personalized with engraving.

To gift to those who are active and re-active, who cannot remain impassive.

Cost: €25.00

8. My Variations

Arrived in Italy a few weeks ago, My Variations is the French brand that has developed a dental hygiene kit based on sonic technology: 2 minutes of cleaning divided into 4 phases, minimal design, cool accessories (including the vintage effect key to minimize toothpaste waste) removable for those who travel and with a charging autonomy that lasts a month. It can be purchased by subscription, so as to receive the heads and accessories automatically and periodically, finally, if it breaks, the company offers a repair service to promote the practice of reuse.

To gift to those who adore minimalism and are intrigued by technology.

Cost: €69.00

10. Armani Fiori, Rizzoli

Emblematic in recounting Giorgio Armani's compositional minimalism, the new volume Armani Fiori (Rizzoli, 2023) recounts the aesthetic essence translated into the floral creations of 'King Giorgio'. A volume destined to become an icon in a short time, under the sign of the Armani/Fiori line. A publishing treasure with a silk cover, spine with visible binding and Japanese inserts.

To give as a gift to enthusiasts of the timeless.

Cost: €120.00

11. The Räffelbjörk vase by Ikea

The light silhouette and variegated color of the Räffelbjörk vase, created by the designer Lisa Hilland for Ikea brings lightness into homes. To be used as a container for flowers or, simply, as a decorative glass sculpture.

To give as a gift to creative people.

Cost: €12.00

Cover photo: Lisa Corti, ph. Barbara Franzo