The new Tibetan finish is flanked by the hand-brushed Brass and Ruby, with unique, handcrafted and precious tailoring

Customisations studied in every detail, innovation and research, design and workmanship 100% made in Italy represent the main atout of Riflessi. Tailoring and the search for customised aesthetic solutions have resulted in a wide range of finishes, designed to interpret every design and furnishing need.

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A unique and special shopping experience

In this beginning of the Third Millennium, characterised by globalisation and mass digitisation, companies are required to deal with the new trends that the market is proposing, but also with a consumer who is evolving rapidly and manifests increasingly complex needs. Today's shoppers do not want to be homologated, but want to interact with the producer to live a unique and special shopping experience. Customising a product allows the manufacturer to get to know the consumer's needs and preferences and to offer exclusively designed and manufactured products in which he can be recognised. The goal has become to connect with the consumer, create engagement, generate a unique shopping experience and develop strong brand loyalty.

Bespoke handcrafted processes

Each piece of Riflessi furniture is the result of all this: stylistic and functional research, and careful selection of raw materials, just like a tailor-made suit. Uniqueness is the key word: each product is finished through made-to-measure artisan processes that enhance its aesthetic value. This gives rise to striking new finishes that enhance the design and materiality of both the new collections and the brand's must-haves.

Vibrant and satin effect

Ta the latest innovations in terms of finishes presented by Riflessi, the new hand-brushed Tibetana presented at Fuorisalone 2023. An artisan technique that makes each product unique and gives it a vibrant and satin-finished effect: the paint on a Ral base is brushed by hand with a criss-cross effect. The result is a high-impact finish that gives an almost textile, three-dimensional and dynamic effect that enhances the harmonious design of the Coffee coffee tables and the formal purity of the Essenzia sideboard.

Chiaroscuro and vertical engravings

Equally interesting is the hand-brushed brass workmanship proposed on the doors and sides of the Onda by Riflessi sideboard. The three-dimensionality and the play of chiaroscuro of the vertical engravings are emphasised and dress the product with unprecedented preciousness through warm and scenographic plays of light.

Diamond workmanship

Riflessi's talent also finds expression in the hand-brushed Rubino finish proposed on the Cubric sideboard, where it enhances the special diamond workmanship on the doors and sides.