The white of Haptic faucets interprets Alfred Studio's design mood for an oriental-style residential restyling in France

The distinctive traits of an interior design marked by an oriental style are characterised by a harmonious, discreet, never aggressive visual impact, marked by the care in the use of colours, by the use of natural materials, by a few and selected furnishings with simple shapes positioned according to precise rules to guarantee interiors in harmony with the external landscape. A philosophy devoted to the well-being of body and mind, to their beneficial relationship with nature, to the essentiality of the furnishings (it is not the furnishings but the emptiness that embraces them that generates the spirit that hovers in the home), to balance, to order.

Absorbing positive energies

The search for a buen retiro defined by the rigour of the Oriental minimalist style, for a home like an oasis, sheltered from all forms of frenzy, where they could stay and feel good, was the request of a couple with two children to Stéphanie Genevrier of Alfred Studio based in Paris. The clients' wish was to renovate the space of their home in Saint Bonnet les Oules, in the Loire department in the south of France, so that they could relax and absorb positive energy.

Oriental influences

Alfred Studio embarked on a journey that, through an in-depth design study of pathways and partitions, led to the renovation of the home's interiors, creating more intimate communal spaces with a defined function, guaranteeing the right amount of privacy for the parents. To create an atmosphere in line with the couple's aspirations, they opted for an oriental-influenced style, with natural materials, soft tones and soft lighting.

Sakura motifs

Botanical elements and a wallpaper with a characteristic sakura motif with cherry blossoms (in the Japanese language, sakura means cherry tree and, in Bushido, the chivalrous ideal of the samurai, it embodies and symbolises virtues such as purity, loyalty, honesty and courage) complete the intervention. The detail of the choice is evident in particular in the entrance area (reserved and sheltered from prying eyes) and in the living area, cosy and comfortable, which serves as a passageway to the sleeping area with bedrooms and bathrooms.

Minimal in effect

Elegant and minimal, the bathroom is the place that has always been dedicated to well-being. The tapware chosen to be included in the design mood was Haptic by Ritmonio, in the total white finish. Minimal in effect, the tapware becomes the focus of the environment, making the bathroom a space of pure lightness. The contemporary design combined with the tradition of Made in Italy excellence guarantees unique products: the special matt texture not only ensures high resistance and durability, but also makes the taps elegant and exclusive.

Foto credits: Annie Gozard