Elegant reflections embellish the bathroom of the boutique hotel Meem Townhouse in Mallorca with the brilliance of the finest metal: Diametro35 Gold by Ritmonio

Designing hotellerie or contract environments with Ritmonio collections means ensuring an intelligent use of resources and satisfying the hospitality experience through a true all-round wellness experience. Collections that pamper guests of the Meem Townhouse (where they can switch off and enjoy the luxury of slowness) in a sort of holistic journey through the many nuances of hospitality, in a resort that combines respect for tradition with all the demands of contemporary luxury living, including slow living.

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The value of slow living

Time is of immense value and it is the quality of this time that determines people's well-being and existence. Slow living means living by re-appropriating one's natural rhythms. A slow lifestyle to seek a balance between an increasingly fast-paced world and the natural, calmer state of nature. In Western culture, the word slow often has negative connotations. But living slowly does not mean living indolently or lazily, it means paying attention to the present by taking advantage of every moment of everyday life.

Attention to sustainability

In the heart of Sóller, one of the villages on the island of Majorca, the boutique hotel Meem Townhouse is an accommodation facility that is the result of a recent renovation by the Al Cuadrado Arquitectura studio, which turned to Ritmonio for the bathroom fittings. The design intent was to preserve the original complex, an old traditional Majorcan residence dating back to the 18th century, with a focus on sustainability reflected in the choice of natural materials with a Mediterranean flavour.

Body, soul and nature

A project desired by the owners to promote the philosophy of slow living and redefine the concept of contemporary hospitality, basing their accommodation offer on the importance of reconnecting body, soul and surrounding nature. The intention was to provide guests with an unusual place, far from the hubbub of the city, where they could feel at home. The result? Seven suites with a fresh, clean and bright design. The predominance of white, the use of marble and wood, high ceilings with exposed beams and the play of natural light give the building tranquillity and harmony.

Broad compositional freedom

The innovative style of Ritmonio products proved to be ideal for the boutique hotel: the transversality of the offer and the wide range of finishes available allowed designers to freely design the bathroom environments, to experience them at their best. The many solutions with different installation possibilities, such as the built-in unit for bathtub and shower, left ample freedom of composition.

Inspired by the most precious metal

Ritmonio's iconic series, Diametro35, stands out thanks to its Gold finish, inspired by the most precious of metals. A choice that lends the necessary elegance and vitality to the suites of Meem Townhouse, in which refinement of style is a particularly heartfelt component.

Ergonomic shapes and maximum comfort

Thanks to the ergonomics of its forms, a prerogative that guarantees maximum comfort when in use, Diametro35 Gold by Ritmonio fits into these refined and elegant spaces, personalising them with a refined and unmistakeable touch; the series has fitted into the context, becoming the ideal element around which the daily ritual of personal care and well-being has been given new form, redesigning it and making it unique.

Photo: Pernilla Danielsson