Haptic series faucets for T House, a residential project in Barcelona, between geometric purity and characterful details

The purity of geometries and the careful definition of design and construction details form the basis of the T House residential project in Barcelona, designed by the Artigas architectural studio (architect Albert Artigas in collaboration with Albert Ortiz and Joaquin Lacambra).

Single volume on two floors

Designed by seeking pure and minimalist forms, T House is composed of two intersecting rectangles, creating a single two-story volume. Strategically placed, the house overlooks a large south-facing garden, slightly elevated above ground level.

Sustainability, functionality, comfort

The character given to the dwelling is particular: the purity of the elements, chosen always referring to the criterion of sustainability, gives shape to large and bright spaces. The spaces are designed to ensure maximum living comfort and functionality for those who live in them on a daily basis: a young family with a modern and dynamic pace of life.

Welcoming and well-being

Bathroom spaces are also designed to offer a feeling of coziness and well-being, in line with the design mood of the entire home. Ritmonio faucets have been chosen for the minimalism and materiality of their style: the Haptic series, in the particular brushed finish, gives the environment a sense of order and essentiality; Diametro35 Inox&Concrete in stainless steel and concrete finishes, creates "tailor-made" scenarios and enhances the tactile dimension and sensory experience that the daily use of faucets brings.

Photo credits: courtesy of Artigas Arquitectes