The T30 collection and the new digital graphic configurator tell the story of the brand's production and technological renewal

Every innovation process involves the creation of value through change. Managing this change is strategic for companies investing in innovation and, today in particular, in ecological and digital transition. Introducing new technologies without transforming habits and processes is useless and can be a waste of resources.

Productive and strategic renewal

The road to innovation taken by Rubinetterie Treemme is going through a series of virtuous stages. In recent years, the company has undergone both a productive (thanks to the introduction of new plants) and strategic (at a commercial and marketing level) renewal. The new collections are the result of careful stylistic research and engineering development that reflects the avant-garde spirit of the Tuscan brand, with products that respect the environment from the production cycle to the end of life and combine and blend aesthetics, design and functionality.

Innovating production: T30, a technologically advanced line

New proposals, such as the T30 line, designed by engineer Giampiero Castagnoli and designer Marco Pisati, are the emblem of this growth and reflect Rubinetterie Treemme's evolution and investment in innovation and research. T30 is a minimalist, functional and highly technological collection. The balance and rigour of the form combined with high functional reliability make the mixer suitable for any bathroom environment.

Sections, textures, aerators

The faucet is characterised by an elegant and light circular silhouette thanks to its minimised sections. This effect was achieved both through the 22 mm diameter cartridge, the smallest brass cartridge on the market, exclusively manufactured, and through the use of an innovative Neoperl aerator with a diameter of only 13.5 mm. T30 also stands out for the particularity of the mixing control, proposed with a knurled texture, aesthetically pleasing and useful for optimising grip. A detail that harmonises with the slim and light body.

Digital innovation: the new graphic configurator

Always in the wake of the innovative process undertaken, a new tool for designing arrives: the graphic configurator. From today, the company website has a new tool for discovering the collections, even more immediate through access to useful and intuitive design content.

An immersive vision

"A year after the new site went online, we felt the need to offer architects, designers and customers an even more immersive view of our collections. We thought of developing this tool to make users' navigation more functional, providing them with an intuitive and above all useful tool," explains Massimo Tommasi, Marketing and Sales Director Italy.

3D models and augmented reality

New tools and content are now accessible for every model in all collections. Starting from 3D models to be elaborated with the desired finish to augmented reality that allows, through a QR Code, to download on a device the product to view it not only on a plan but contextualised within its own bathroom, top and sink. A further step to make products more usable and immediate.