The metal central plinth, with diamond workmanship, can be unlined and covered with a new casing

Sabino is the collection of versatile tables designed to be customised and adapted to any type of environment offered by Riflessi.

Removable and coverable

The distinctive feature and essence of the design is the central metal base with diamond workmanship, which can be unlined and upholstered with a new cover with different finishes and colours to meet new aesthetic requirements.

Many finishes

The plinth can be customised with precious hand-brushed brass, titanium and cobalt finishes, as well as Reflect Blue, Reflect Rose Gold and Reflect Black coloured stainless mirror steel.

Maximum customisation

The central pillar, which on larger tops can be double, is designed to be combined with multiple fixed or extendable tops with different shapes, proportions and finishes. From the small but extensible tops, round or Square - Riflessi's patented square top with rounded corners - to the large barrel-shaped tops, Sabino is the element in the catalogue for which Riflessi offers the greatest number of customisations, to become a unique table every time.