The first outdoor kitchen since 1961 is an evolution of the Formalia collection

There are stories from which sooner or later you expect a new chapter. Not because the previous ones were not up to scratch: far from it. Exactly the opposite: because the past is too important not to imagine a future with some surprises. So, finally, after sixty-two years of history and a presence so widespread in Italian homes that it has transformed the brand into a democratic icon, Scavolini comes out of the closet for the first time, and with an evolution of the Formalia collection announces its outdoor kitchen.

Functionality, performance, elegance

Formalia Outdoor, the Scavolini project created as a natural extension of the Formalia home system, designed by Vittore Niolu, marks a turning point in the company's history. The project is characterised by modern design, functionality and high quality materials, expressed both in terms of performance and aesthetic refinement. The new Scavolini kitchen retains all the distinctive Formalia features, in which details play a leading role and strongly characterise the design: the shaped door onto which the handle is grafted and the Status Wall System, the open modular structure made of aluminium and available in three different finishes: Rust, with a strong contemporary appeal, Black and Titanium. The possibility of integrating lowered or open elements enhances the play of symmetries, creating multifunctional architecture with rigorous shapes.

The watchword: modularity

The result is a kitchen with distinct functionality, capable of creating a virtuous dialogue with the background and the natural context in which it is set. Thanks to a remarkable modularity, composed of nineteen elements to be combined with state-of-the-art appliances, each configuration of Formalia Outdoor is a unique and exclusive model, designed to be inserted in any type of outdoor living space and adapt to any furnishing style.

A refined design

When designing Formalia Outdoor, great attention was paid to the choice of materials that not only guarantee high performance, but also express the elegance of a refined design. The aluminium structure and the top with integrated washing area, available both in steel and in other carefully selected materials, can be combined with two different door finishes: in steel for a technical and refined look, or in outdoor wood - multilayer Okumè plywood finished in teak essence - which makes the whole look more textural. Both solutions are extremely resistant to humidity, weather, temperature changes and wear.

Made in Italy excellence

Rigorous, ergonomic and with high technical performance, Formalia Oudoor transports the pleasure of conviviality en plein air, always in the sign of the excellence of Made in Italy.