The Next Connection: Istituto Marangoni's Design Degree 2020 celebrates the best projects by young talents from the school of design

In a completely digital and innovative format, Istituto Marangoni's Design Degree 2020 presents the best 3D projects of the students of the school of design, celebrating and enhancing the educational and personal growth path. For each learning area (Interior Design, Product Design and Visual Design), three projects have been selected that users will be able to appreciate thanks to a virtual and immersive experience with video contributions, as well as 3D rendering and short interviews.

"This year's Design Degree makes the most of the potential of digital, to enrich the projects of the school's best talents with content and stories. It will be the conclusion of a course of study that this year has seen students more engaged than ever with new methods and also with many new stimuli that have been collected and interpreted in innovative and visionary projects "comments Massimo Zanatta, School Director of Istituto Marangoni Milan Design. Alessia Elefante, Carolina Gaudino, Viviana Gallo, Leonardo Cavalluzzi, Nichita Curilenco, Patrick Gelse Medina, Alice Braglia, Costanza Coscia and Giovanni Gridelli are the nine young talents who exhibit their final works through the interactive platform.

The Next Connection will be visible starting from 19 October, within the digital platform House of Istituto Marangoni, a completely virtual place that highlights the commitment of students from the various study areas of the Group's international schools and that Istituto Marangoni occasion of the 85th anniversary of the School.

The students of the Interior Design course were invited to reflect on the theme of contemporary living, with a look towards future scenarios and to ask themselves about the progressive and profound transformation of the house and its spaces in the face of new technologies and radical changes in habits. . "This is not a house" by Alessia Elefante is a residential project that interprets three themes: the choice of the Alexander McQueen brand, the analysis of new ways of living and the Shape Shifting trend for a housing concept attentive to the needs of future generations, in particular of Millennials. Carolina Gaudino through “Latibule” tells an interior project with a simple and comfortable design and at the same time sophisticated and modeled on the person, capable of reflecting the soul of those who live it. Viviana Gallo's “Beyond Phisical Borders” starts from the choice of the Jil Sander brand to analyze an unconventional, authentic and uncontaminated concept of beauty, translated into the interiors of an apparently neutral and essential future home.

In the area of ​​Product Design, the first project selected is "NOME - The Privacy Manager Watch" by Leonardo Cavalluzzi, which has developed an alternative smartwatch concept designed to enhance the daily experience. Nichita Curilenco's "Celare Phone" project focuses on the problem of people's total dependence on technology, especially smartphones, which is negatively affecting life on a psychological, social, health and private level. “Upcyciling Perception” by Patrick Gelse Medina, addresses the issue of sustainable production within companies in the furniture sector, with a focus on the production of plastic which in the last two decades has been particularly harmful to the environment.

Finally, the Degree Project of the Visual Design area was born from the stimulus of dissertation: a reflection in complete freedom to give space to one's technical skills in order to imagine new identities and visions of brands, advertising or in the editorial field. Alice Braglia designs "Once Upon a Lime", a board game with the aim of spending quality time away from technology and their smartphones, creating new and carefree memories to enjoy in company. With "How Food Makes Us Human", Constanza Coscia created a protest campaign against food waste starting from five surrealist posters, to show the importance of food and how it plays a fundamental role in memory and cultures, and on how despite this, continue to waste it. “Neotual” by Giovanni Gridelli is a platform that allows all fashion addicts to virtually customize the garments of their favorite luxury streetwear brands.