Entrance architecture mixes functionality and design: the new ADS 65 HD Gen2 aluminium door systems

With Schüco's aluminium door solutions, entrances in both residential and commercial buildings become an integral part of the architecture of buildings, defining the aesthetics of projects and offering secure accessibility. The Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2 system (HD stands for Heavy Duty and 65 stands for 65 mm construction depth) represents the new generation of aluminium door systems. Evolved and reliable solutions, characterised by high levels of weather resistance and thermal insulation, designed to guarantee the best possible stability even under heavy use and repeated stress.

Ease of use

The system is characterised by extreme user-friendliness: the flush threshold, for example, allows barrier-free access to any user (elderly, children, disabled persons) while the surface water drainage integrated in the system preserves its sealing performance. The new central gasket system meets the requirements in terms of weather resistance: in combination with the end stop integrated in the insulation batten, it can achieve a water permeability value of up to 300 Pa pressure (class 7A), class 3 air permeability and class C2 wind load resistance. The energy balance of the central seal system is also remarkable, thanks to insulation chambers with U(d) values below 1.4 W/(m2K).

High Security

For maximum security, access control can be achieved by biometric reading, integrating the Schüco Fingerpint Easy fingerprint reader into the door profiles. In this way, it is no longer necessary to replace the lock in the event of lost or stolen keys. Thanks to the contacts inside the relay, the system also offers protection against sabotage attempts - an ideal solution in large residential settings or private offices with reserved entrances.

Application flexibility

In order to facilitate cost-effective production and fast installation, Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2 provides identical machining and assembly processes to the tried and tested first-generation door system ADS 65 HD. A key aspect of process efficiency, an integral part of Schüco's ongoing commitment to supporting its partners. Compatibility with Schüco's aluminium window and façade systems offers flexibility in terms of application solutions, uses and designs, with the possibility of multiple customised designs and combinations.