The new Schüco AS PD 75.HI Panorama Design aluminium sliding system combines frameless aesthetics, flush threshold and excellent performance

It is not just a question of aesthetics, but of perception and enhancement of space. Accessibility, minimalist design, visual continuity, plenty of natural light and safety are some of the advantages offered by Schüco's aluminium panoramic sliding systems, in which essentiality becomes quality: systems conceived to respond to design requirements that focus on the lightness of the envelope, which is crucial for the living comfort and energy efficiency of buildings.

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This is the design of the future that leaves room for fluid transparencies, that thinks of design that is accessible to all, that protects homes and places wellbeing at the centre. Values that Schüco makes its own, through a constructive sensibility and a minimalist and essential approach in which aluminium is the beating heart of the offer and technology evolves even if 'unseen'.

Frameless effect

Clear and simple yet functional geometric lines: Schüco expands the design possibilities with the new line of Schüco AS PD 75.HI aluminium panorama sliding systems, introducing for the first time the possibility of having the sash profiles fully concealed in the masonry and the threshold flush with the floor in the same configuration. The result? A frameless 'all-glass' effect with a strong aesthetic impact that connects indoor and outdoor without barriers or obstacles to passage.

Large glazed areas

Aesthetic, performance and automation upgrades make this sliding system the flagship product of the Schüco range. Thanks to the robustness of the aluminium, the system can support large glazed surfaces of up to 3,500 mm in height and 800 kg in weight (in the TipTronic motorised sliding version), while maintaining slim visible profiles and a centre post of only 35 mm.

High performance

Design goes hand in hand with performance: the high thermal insulation (up to 0.86 W/m2K in the Access version) contributes to energy savings, reducing consumption. And that's not all: even with high transparency, the new Schüco AS PD 75.HI aluminium sliding system achieves a water resistance of 1,050 Pa and burglary resistance class RC3 (with 60 mm thick glass in the Performance version).

Three versions for maximum compositional freedom

The Schüco AS PD 75.HI range consists of three versions and allows for manual or motorised sliding doors and motorised lifting sliding doors. A flexibility that can be found in the types of opening that can be realised, with opening or fixed sashes, even of large dimensions. The aesthetics of all three lines is enhanced by the innovative cover profile (dynamic cover profile), which conceals the door in the fixed side frame, aligning with the shoulder of the sliding door, for a coplanarity with the wall even when the sliding door is open.

Access Line redefines the window concept

Accessibility is at the heart of the sliding configuration created by Schüco: the flat threshold flush with the floor eliminates the risk of tripping and does not obstruct the passage from one room to another, allowing safe movement for all users. A redefinition of the concept of a window frame: no longer a boundary, but an element of communication between inside and outside, an opening towards total freedom of space.

Design Line, light and ethereal

A mix of aesthetics, living comfort and performance, in this Schüco solution the window becomes light, ethereal and leaves room for transparencies: the aluminium profiles of the frame disappear into the masonry, leaving only the slender central mullion visible, for a 100% glass solution and rooms flooded with natural light.

Performance Line, innovative and performing

The most advanced configuration, a synthesis of the best features of accessibility, design and performance: innovation that harmonises the contradictions that could be found in any previous sliding system, the possibility of having everything in one system. It is the Lift-and-Slide technology by Schüco that makes it possible to combine profiles concealed in the masonry and a flush threshold in the same sliding system: thanks to a mechatronic drive, a "lift-and-slide" movement of the components is determined during the opening and closing phases of the sliding system.