The marble effect, in vogue in the early 1900s, contributes to giving rooms a familiar mood of a past that no longer exists

ABK Group updates Sensi, the marble effect line, with the new chapter 900, a collection that, taking its cue from the architecture of the beginning of the last century, celebrates the marble varieties that marked the birth of modern luxury, characterised by a sober and linear elegance within which the richness of the materials is the real protagonist.

A strong typology

The marble effect, in vogue in the early 1900s, helped to give rooms a familiar mood of a past that no longer exists. A strong typology from a decorative point of view, to be used with care to avoid distortion between rooms. The return to the use of the marble effect, with a more modern touch that searches for the elegance of natural stone, allows Sensi 900 by ABK Group to faithfully reproduce the characteristics of natural marble, reinterpreting the beauty of the material for the bathroom, kitchen and living area project.

Four different finishes

From a design point of view, the Sensi 900 by ABK Group offers no less than four different finishes: the soft Soft slabs and Lux surfaces with a polished appearance are complemented by the versions, which offer improved slip resistance, and Antique 3D, the result of 3Dtech technology that recreates the feel of antique marble.

Wide range of choice

Sensi 900 includes classic varieties such as Bianco Carrara, which is appreciated for its sober aesthetics and the purity of its background, Stone Grey, with its mud-grey tone that invites two-tone laying solutions, and Precious Black, a black marble embellished with a pattern of golden veins. Completing the range of the ABK Group collection are the more decorative slabs: Oyster Gold and Oyster White, and Venezia Nuvola, an article inspired by floorings in seminato, which enhances the three-dimensionality of the new Antique 3D surfaces.

Technical/performance characteristics

Sensi 900 by ABK Group is a full-body porcelain stoneware made in Italy; thickness: 6 and 8.5 mm; finishes: Soft, Lux, natural R10 C and Antique 3D; sizes: 120x280, 120x120, 60x120 cm; colours: Carrara White, Stone Grey, Precious Black, Oyster Gold, Oyster White, Venezia Nuvola; intended use: residential, commercial and public buildings.