It is the transparency and the material and chromatic fluidity of the water that distinguish the new Murano glass handles designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for Fantini taps and made in collaboration with Venini

The story of Fantini, a company but first of all a family, is steeped in water and lake.

In the enchanting, fairytale-like and tiny village of Pella, on the shores of Lake Orta, water has always been the absolute protagonist. And Fantini has always created everyday products, taps and shower systems, which bring water into homes, renewing a small, great magic: a simple gesture that is a source of life.

If water is at the center of its identity, now Fantini emphasizes its transparency by creating handles for taps that look jewels, fluid and precious, just like water. The new Venezia series in Murano glass designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez is created in collaboration with a another Italian excellence linked to water, that of the lagoon: Venini.

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Giving water its best shape

Faithful to its philosophy, 'giving water its best shape', Fantini designs high quality products as if they were works of art or jewels, precisely, taking care of them, in every detail the design, functionality, choice of materials and workmanship.

The same design approach and the same clean and sophisticated stylistic code distinguishes the company architectures that bear the signature of Piero Lissoni. Both for the expansion and renovation of the headquarters and for the delightful boutique hotel Casa Fantini/lake time, next to each other on the shores of Lake Orta, Lissoni has been able to interpret the will of the CEO  Daniela Fantini, creating distinctive interventions that respect the context in which they are immersed. In the center (always) water.

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Handles with a great visual and emotional impact

The collection of Venezia handles is made up of two distinct families of products: the two-tone handles and those in watermark . Both are made thanks to ancient distinctive techniques of Murano glass art that Venini has always applied with skill to give rise to unique pieces that enhance the quality and beauty of handmade.

The fluid roundness of the two-tone handles

The two-tone handles have a cylindrical shape: a pure and continuous roundness of the edges that emphasizes the fluid effect of the two-tone combinations aquamarine/green, amethyst/amber, red/amber.

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The ovoid and sensual shape of the filigree handles

The filigree handles, available in black and white, have an ovoid shape that is soft and sensual to the touch. They are made using transparent glass rods containing straight or intertwined glass threads, to create the effect of a delicate lace inside the glass wall.

That of 'filigree' glass, in its many versions, is one of the most elegant decorative techniques developed by Murano glass masters in the 16th century, then exported throughout Europe.