The shades of Sigma Coatings enhance the space of Galateo in Rome, a new convivial concept of the Italian Galateo Academy curated by Samuele Briatore and Francesca Martinelli

Color has always played an important role, influencing the perception of spaces, sensations, emotions. It is a tool to express yourself and your authenticity, allowing you to establish connections with other people. The aesthetic and qualitative improvement of the environments is strictly connected to the choice of correct chromatic supports.

This is the objective of the project studied by Sigma Coatings, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings Italy, for the Spazio del Galateo, a new convivial concept inspired by the 1940s design of the Italian Academy of Good Manners, Etiquette and Costume by Samuele Briatore and Francesca Martinelli with the supervision of the architect Giacomo Zanelli.

An intervention consistent with the Voice of Colour corporate strategy that promotes a more conscious use of color, a functional, sustainable, habitable element, creator of well-being in the environments. The Spazio del Galateo is the spokesperson for the concepts of good taste, hospitality and beauty in the heart of Pigneto, a historic town in Rome. An urban context in which color has a very strong symbolic value which now, thanks to this new space, is translated into the elegant language of Etiquette, generating the combination of functionality and aesthetics.

A balanced mix of relaxing and vitaminic shades (Enchanting Eggplant, Blu Odyssey, Ancient Forest, Blackberry Jam, Antique Suede and Starless Sky) in harmonious contrast with the elements and furnishings present in the apartment, constitutes the palette chosen by Sigma Coatings to enhance the environments of what is destined to become a one-of-a-kind meeting place.