The brand celebrates 300 years with “The Vision of Color”, an innovative outdoor project signed by Studio Marco Piva

On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of its foundation in 1722, Sigma Coatings, brand of PPG Architectural Coatings, presents The Vision of Color, a project signed by the architect Marco Piva in which color, the protagonist from the earliest stages of design, is a tool of redevelopment of the urban fabric, an expression of sustainability of the building and the environment. An initiative intended to promote a renewed culture of color in relation to the urban configuration of the Italian territory.

Innovative approach

"For three hundred years, Sigma Coatings has been telling stories of color in different countries, marking the evolution of architecture, characterizing places and creating trends. And this is because color, in our philosophy, is not just decorative. Our approach is innovative, human and architectural at the same time and is strongly linked to sustainability ”explains Paola Mattioli, Marketing Director PPG Architectural Coatings Italy.

Beauty and wellness

With The Vision Of Color a new analysis of the color matter is born, investigated not only as an expression of decorativism, but of beauty in its most human sense, linked to the life and well-being of people. The architectures become dynamic organisms, in which the chromatisms change, adapting to the pre-existing colors, modeling themselves thanks to the sunlight. During the project, color was investigated at a very deep, technical and design level, with a different approach than usual, in which the architectures are integrated into the landscape in a relationship that generates livable and more comfortable environments and spaces, in which hues and shades become vehicles of emotions.

Colors like emotions

“Color is travel, revolution, change, but above all it is emotion. In particular, in our country which has a thousand-year architectural history. For this reason, together with Sigma Coatings, we have created a project that is a hymn to the wonders of Italy, from north to south, creating ten color palettes, associated with different Italian regions, inspired by the landscapes, but also by the identity elements of the territory " , says Marco Piva.

Ten palettes inspired by the Italian regions

For The Vision of Color, architect Piva and his Studio have developed together with Sigma Coatings 10 palettes - Pulse, Power, Purity, Extreme, Game, Kindness, Spirit, Levity, Nude e Glow - inspired by the Italian landscape and characterized by an international soul with the aim of expanding into the world, each made up of as many color selections. The Pulse palette takes up the colors of the rugged Piedmontese peaks and Ligurian rocky coasts; Power is inspired by the tree-lined expanses of the Pavia area and the suggestive Lombard lakes; Purity enhances the colors of the Veneto with Padua and the Venetian lagoon; Extreme those of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the Dolomites. And then Game, which recalls the bright summer colors of Emilia-Romagna with its villages and the Riviera; Kindness that recalls the shades of sunny afternoons on the Tuscan and Umbrian hills and Spirit dedicated instead to Lazio and Campania. And finally, Levity where the eye is lost between Abruzzo and Molise in the colors of the sea, sky, sand and sun; Nude tells about Puglia and Basilicata, Glow the shades inspired by Sicily and all its wonders.

A question of color harmonies

All palettes meet the criteria of color harmony: it is nature that provides us with a valid starting point for creating pleasant and effective color combinations for contemporary architecture. The relationship with the surrounding environment then becomes direct and declines following the languages of the territories, while the architecture takes on new chromatic values inspired by nature itself, which transfers a new vision in which color is in harmony with the context it belongs to.