A well-balanced mix of aesthetics and technology, the Vino Cantina by Signature Kitchen Suite is the ideal solution for preserving the ‘nectar of the gods’.

Signature Kitchen Suite celebrates the passion for the ‘nectar of the gods’ with its Vino Cantina line, built-in and panel: a product with high preservation performance that combines fine aesthetics, quality materials and smart technology. The Vino Cantina has ten shelves and, depending on the model (60cm or 45cm wide), can be set up with two or three separately temperature and humidity adjustable zones, each with a dedicated evaporator and stainless steel divider barriers. This allows different types of wine to be stored at the same time. The Linear Inverter compressor makes the wine cellar extremely quiet, and minimises vibrations, which are extremely damaging to storage. The natural beech wood shelves provide stability, help eliminate odours and substances that may alter the properties of the wine and act as a natural regulator of the internal temperature and humidity. The stainless steel profiles slide smoothly on sliding guides, so that vibrations transmitted to the bottles are kept to a minimum. The interior is entirely lined with stainless steel. The glass of the door is fitted with UV protection, to prevent alteration by light. Like all the appliances in the Signature Kitchen Suite, the wine cellar is Wi-Fi ready and can be connected to the home network for remote control of operation, switching on and off.

At a glance

What is it?
Built-in and panel wine cellar, available in two widths: 60 cm (for storing up to 113 bottles of 750 ml) and 45 cm (71 bottles).
What its design concept?
To create a product that combines design and smart technology, capable of controlling energy consumption down to the smallest detail. The Smart Knock Door function, for example, allows you to view the labels by knocking twice on the glass, without opening the door and thus avoiding unnecessary energy wastage.
How and where is it manufactured?
Vino Cantina, as well as all Signature Kitchen Suite products (brand of LG Electronics) is manufactured in South Korea.
What makes it special?
Among others, the Smart Diagnosis system, whereby all you have to do is bring a mobile device close to the appliance to check whether it is working properly and identify any malfunctions. The app can also notify you when the appliance is open or if the power goes out.