Connected and sustainable lighting thanks to Philips Hue solutions and 3D printing

Signify, a world leader in lighting, demonstrates through its solutions how sustainability, design and aesthetics can go hand in hand. An example of this are the PhilipsMyCreation Coastal Breeze lamps, protagonists of FuoriSalone 2023, made using 3D printing by recycling fishing nets thanks to an innovative circular economy process.

Innovation and sustainability

Consumers, designers and planners can create their own 'tailor-made' design through 3D printing. An intuitive online configurator allows users to select the basic design and then customise it by choosing the size, colour, texture, luminaire pattern and type of LED bulb, including Philips Hue bulbs, to create a unique product made from fully recyclable material. Signify's investment in 3D printing is the result of perfecting the entire production process in an increasingly flexible and sustainable way. With a focus on environmental protection, the fixtures reduce CO2 emissions by 47% compared to traditional fixtures and, thanks to the use of 100% recyclable polycarbonate materials, every single part can be reused or recycled.

Connected and personalised light

Thanks to Signify's range of Philips Hue solutions, you can also make your home smart through connected, intelligent and customisable lighting. Philips Hue lighting products offer a wide variety of uses: they allow you to set the lighting to simulate a presence in the home and thus ward off intruders, or make the entrance lights come on when someone passes by; they can help you wake up or fall asleep by reproducing the effects of morning or evening light; Philips Hue lights can be synchronised with other devices, change colours to the beat of music or reproduce the colours of scenes from the film you are watching, for even more immersive entertainment.

Apps, Bluetooth, voice assistants

All the elements that define this collection are manageable through the Philips Hue and Philips Hue Bluetoothapps, while the Philips Hue Bridge ensures complete control of all the lights in your home wherever you are. Integration with voice assistants is also provided.

New design proposals

The partnership with Sforzin Illuminazione explored the potential of Philips Hue connected lighting and the possibility of creating customised designs through innovative 3D printing. Signify's Philips Hue family can, in fact, be shared with Sforzin Illuminazione's Miloox products through the use of the E27 or E14 lamp holder to create a perfect blend of design and cutting-edge technology.