The iconic Luxy chairs interpreted by Andrea Bianconi have been reinterpreted through the gaze and expressive language of four international photographers. And now they become an art multiple

#SitDownToHaveanIdea is the project by Andrea Bianconi that puts man with his ideas at the center and that Luxy wanted to share with the artist for an important reflection in line with the brand's philosophy on the new functional, aesthetic and psychological needs of contemporary living born together with Smart Working. Remote work has made the boundary between office and living space blurred and indefinable, the house is the new container of everyday domestic and working life, while the office has been transformed into a fluid space, increasingly full of personality. New needs arise, such as making the place where you live a more flexible and welcoming environment.

Imagine, think, create

In this context, the armchair remains an iconic object and represents the place to give life to one's ideas, to be able to imagine, think, create. "Once the function of object that reconciles to idleness has ceased, the armchairs that I customized with the slogan #SitDownToHaveanIdea become a sort of incubator of ideas. A chair for everyone is an idea for everyone ", explains Andrea Bianconi.

Travel to Europe

The four original works of art designed by Andrea Bianconi on two iconic models of Luxy, Biga and Italia (both designed by the Favaretto & Partner studio for Luxy), concluded a trip to four European cities, told by the careful and creative gaze of four international photographers : Nicola Lo Calzo, Guia Besana, Giulia Mangione and Alberto Giuliani. Everyone brought the chairs signed by Andrea Bianconi with them to their places and cities of origin, each of them attributed a different meaning and soul to the chair, contextualizing them and giving them back a new, personal and intimate value and role.

Author photos and videos

Each fragment of this journey has been documented and fixed over time thanks to photographic shots and author videos, together with travel notes that describe every step, thought and sensation of the photographer, who in this second phase of the project becomes co-artist of a more articulated and complex work. The #SitDownToHaveanIdea chair becomes a powerful means of expression to give life to different ideas, contaminations and suggestions.

In Paris...

In particular, Nicola Lo Calzo presents the most authentic Paris, between the streets adjacent to the Gare de Lyon, creating a dialogue between passers-by and the chair and giving voice to a pungent reality, hitherto unspoken. The Luxy becomes an element of the city, a bit like its inhabitants or street furniture, and highlights an exceptional microcosm, multiple communities and belonging.

... in Catalonia ...

Guia Besana introduces in the Catalan culture, on the joyful and desperate notes of Flamenco, punctuated by the beats of the feet and hands of the dancing dancers. Magnetism and almost mysterious sacred and profane suggestions of an all-female world.

... in Oslo ...

Entering the snow-covered nature of the Norwegian landscape, Giulia Mangione brought the Luxy chair to Oslo, transforming it now into an alternative sled, now into an ice-fishing companion, now into a piece of furniture for a Norwegian tent. The Luxy chair, decontextualized, is inserted in an unexpected environment and acquires an ironic and playful personality.

... in a neutral place

Alberto Giuliani's work is a reflection on the concept of idea as a “vision”, which has always been personal and elusive. To grasp it, you need to stop, think and listen. Giuliani has invited to a neutral place people who by nature, even more than by profession, use their thoughts to imagine the future or understand the present. The philosopher and the child, the psychotherapist or the poet, each sat on the armchair to think and share their reflections on the concept of idea. The emptiness of space was filled with free, surprising and intimate thoughts, the result of an encounter without external stimuli that revealed the common and urgent need to dream.

A charity auction

The four final works, consisting of the chair and all the documentation produced by the four photographers, will be auctioned to donate the entire proceeds to charity. A decision that once again underlines the centrality of the person in this project and in Luxy's DNA. The #SitDownToHaveanIdea journey does not end here. To offer the possibility of owning part of this work and this experience, Andrea Bianconi and Luxy will create an exclusive limited edition art multiple of the chairs, with the artist's declaration of authenticity, available for purchase through the website of Luxy.