A flexible and configurable partition wall for remodeling spaces

The new way of thinking about space according to Skema takes place through objects with an open nature, aimed at the future and at improving living comfort with their adaptive functionality, as in the case of the rethinking of the partition with Skinì designed by Franco Driusso.

Improving living well-being

Molded surfaces become three-dimensional and take on new forms, not only to cover horizontal and vertical surfaces, but also to furnish, in line with the company's thinking: to improve living comfort with functional, technological and expressive solutions.

Remodeling spaces

Skinì is the flexible and configurable partition wall, designed to divide spaces, remodel them or create niches that facilitate privacy, in an agile, reversible and customizable way. A piece of furniture that is both functional and scenic, ductile and light.

Endless customization possibilities

With four different size models, three different colors for the structure, and 44 finishes for the Cases, ranging from fabrics to wood to hi-tech painted and unpainted colors, the customization possibilities that Skinì gives are endless.