A space in the space that divides and creates, generating new spaces: walk-in closet, linear wardrobe, wall equipped for the living room, laundry room, study, space for children

SpaceMakers by Zalf was born as a furnishing and storage system to provide a design response to contemporary needs in constant evolution. The latest Architecture Biennale 2021 asked architects a question: How will we live together? Architecture inspires the ways we live and the real challenge will be to give a concrete meaning to the word "together". Together as human beings who, despite individuality and uniqueness, wish to connect through the digital and real space. Together as new families in search of diversified living spaces. The question is posed to architects who have to shape the spaces in which people live together and who often imagine them differently than social conventions.

Design solutions

Zalf has in its DNA the search for concrete design solutions with a pragmatic approach to respond to the new needs of people. The evolution of a society, governed by different values and ideals, is reflected in the family unit which, from time to time, changes its shape, its composition, generating the birth of new family categories. To respond to diversified needs in today's homes, flexible and multitasking spaces are preferred, designed to facilitate coexistence and the carrying out of new activities. The house becomes an office, laboratory, gym, study and conviviality area. Thus, the bedroom also passes from a place dedicated to rest, to a fluid and multifunctional space.

Compositional freedom

SpaceMakers (born from the collaboration of the Zalf R&D center with Roberto Gobbo, architect and designer who has collaborated with Euromobil and Zalf since 1988 and with Désirée since 1996) plays on the neutrality of lines. An 'architecture' module that fits into the existing architecture; a multiplier of spaces; a space within the space that divides and creates by generating space; a family of intelligent, flexible and effective systems that make it possible to “cross” domestic spaces with the storage units; a system capable of designing every single room and its usability, combining the elements with maximum freedom in terms of composition and aesthetics.

Password: versatility

SpaceMakers becomes a walk-in closet, a linear wardrobe, an equipped wall for the living room, but also a laundry room, study or space for children. It is possible to create storage compartments in corridors and corridors that cannot otherwise be used or divide the space by obtaining an extra room for new family needs. All this without intervening on the structure of the house. The watchword is versatility.

Designing the space

The collection consists of three wardrobe systems and four walk-in closet systems, compatible for finishes and sizing in depth and height and can be combined with each other with hinged, sliding or coplanar doors. The walk-in closet is modular in the different solutions, on the side, rack with and without infill panel and with the pole fixed to the wall or ceiling. A wide range of internal equipment allows you to 'design' the storage space in a tailored way. Equally wide is the range of external finishes both in terms of colors and textures.