The company develops solutions that reduce running costs and energy consumption: from the choice of materials to the business model, from management software to remote maintenance, hotels and facilities can upgrade wellness areas and welcome guests without jeopardising economic stability

A spa should be like a tree: it should grow unhurriedly, finding the right balance of shapes and proportions according to the environmental context. A spa is energy-consuming in itself due to aspects of consumption that cannot be changed, while other factors can give rise to sustainable wellness, going beyond the single product or mere energy saving, embracing a broader concept of conscious design with decisions at the design stage functional to the real needs and resources of the structure.

The spa of the future

The spa of the future must be environmentally and economically sustainable. It will have to respond to tourism trends, to the search for wellness by lowering energy consumption. And it will have to have the latest technology and professionalism behind it. Starpool has long been committed to redefining the concept of sustainable wellness. "We are witnessing the growth of wellness as a primary need, a need that drives customers' choices. But due to the energy crisis, many hotels are considering closing, at least temporarily, their wellness areas," explains Paolo Tranquillini, Spa Consultant at Starpool. "Our proposals are conceived as solutions modelled on well-considered choices concerning the business model, energy saving and sustainability".

The example of Business Hotels

In the case of business hotels, for example, the use by guests is usually at the end of the working day. When they return, the needs are to cope with the accumulated stress and the consequent difficulty in sleeping. The best offer that this type of hotel can provide is therefore not a traditional spa with long stays inside, but a Dry Spa with quicker wellness solutions, ideal to end a working day and recharge for the next one. In this case, the Fiemmese brand proposes Dry Float Therapy with Zerobody with low energy consumption, comparable to a domestic refrigerator, and proven benefits already after the first ten minutes of a session. This is why it has been chosen by sports teams such as the LA Rams, NY Mets, San Francisco Giants, athletes such as Dorothea Wierer, and companies such as Diesel, Nestlè, and Steelcase.

Green philosophy

Environmental sustainability Starpool was born in Val di Fiemme, a land of forests where a green, eco-sustainability-oriented business district has developed over time. On the strength of this DNA, the company draws 0 km raw materials from the territory, uses recyclable materials and eco-sustainable packaging, allowing the recovery of natural resources and the reduction of material waste.

The high-tech cabins

The latest generation software is installed as standard on all cabins: Green Pack, by automatically closing the doors, prevents steam and/or heat from escaping by keeping the temperature constant; Eco-spa Technology, thanks to home automation, allows you to manage (switch on, switch off, programming) the spa from a device, guaranteeing remote assistance and peak management. The cabins are also interconnected to optimise consumption. In this way, the hotellerie sector can negotiate more advantageous rates and supplies from energy suppliers.

The management software for service and data analysis

Thanks to Sim 4.0, a unique software in the wellness industry, Starpool exploits 'predictive maintenance', calculated on the basis of usage and consumption and combined with remote assistance. 90% of diagnostics is done remotely, as is most of the troubleshooting. A service that includes bi-monthly reports that provide indications about the performance of the various areas, guest preferences and consumption peaks.

The Industry 4.0 decree

Starpool products have been tested and assessed by third-party consultants: they meet the criteria necessary to obtain the tax benefits of the Industry 4.0 decree. Facilities and benefits that allow customers to save on their initial investment.