The Brescian brand's lamps are born out of a manufacturing history and a passion for a noble material, steel

Always associated with the concept of resistance, stainless steel finds a new interpretation in the Stral outdoor lamp collection thanks to the research and fascination of designer Alessandro Zambelli, the brand's artistic director.

A new product identity

The technical nature of steel is not distorted or disregarded in Stral's collection. On the contrary, Alessandro Zambelli has built a new product identity on the special characteristics of this noble material. The result is outdoor lamps that, in addition to strength and functionality, express characteristics such as poetry, harmony and respect for the natural environment.

Forward-looking lighting

"My vision of design places the present in dialogue with the past and what the past can suggest in order to create the future: every new object is born from an ancestor, from a past need from which one perceives the need to respond to a new one," explains Alessandro Zambelli, who worked with Stral with the intention of reinterpreting the perception of a noble material such as stainless steel.

Experimenting with Aisi 316L stainless steel

Thus, the designer, who has always been passionate about materials and their technical and production characteristics, has experimented with AISI 316L stainless steel, which is particularly difficult to work with, to create a new collection of lighting fixtures that can be adapted to different contexts, private, urban and historical, but with a precise formal identity that also brings with it the principles of the circular economy.

From the general to the particular, the details of the new collection

Thanks to experimentation and profound knowledge of stainless steel, the HCT (Hard Coating Treatment) finish was achieved, which makes the object velvety and warm to the touch. In a continuous dialogue between formal rationality and expressive freedom, the steel fits harmoniously into its surroundings, making each product in the collection capable of assimilating the colours of the context. The different design requests are entirely fulfilled by the three finishes proposed: Inox Natural, Inox Graphite and Inox Bronze.

Lamps as technological origami

Compared to the standard production of outdoor lamps, the realisation of the Stral collection originated from a diametrically opposite principle: in fact, it is not a production using moulds, but everything is done through a sheet, a technique reminiscent of origami.

Attention to detail

Drawing on the latest robotic technologies, the sheet is put into the machine, cut, folded, welded, so that the object is rigorously exact. The laser welding to join the sheets, for example, is of centesimal precision. This is how products with a high level of technical and aesthetic know-how take shape, with meticulous details and whose aesthetic genesis marries the philosophy of durability and reuse.

A consistent path to delivery

The identity of the product neglects no step, work has been done on its accompaniment and its dissemination through communication, to focus, finally, on a packaging made only with materials with the lowest possible environmental impact, designed, however, to best protect the quality of the object. It is the packaging seal label that communicates and encapsulates the theme of this coherent design journey, inhabited by respect, care and vision, through the message 'Inox by Nature'.