A contemporary design project that starts with recycled cork finds in the logic of the circular economy a stimulus for the creation of a new visual language

What is Suber? Suber is a project that interprets the modern concept of circular economy, an industrial model in which nothing is discarded and objects are produced in harmony with respect for the environment. A virtuous process in which the raw material arrives from the forests of cork oaks, becomes a cork stopper for wine, then is recovered (by Etico, a project of Amorim Cork Italia , leader in the natural cork stopper sector) and transformed into granules that bonded with natural resins becomes Core: a new material that is transformed into the interior design objects of the Suber collection, to bring used cork back into the cellars in the form of design objects.

Facts, not words

"I am not interested in talking about sustainability, I prefer to take concrete actions that can make the world a better place for everyone and Suber is one of them," explains Carlos Veloso dos Santos, CEO Amorim Cork Italia and founder Suber. "Suber is a project of aesthetic experimentation that stems from two realisations: first, that human wellbeing cannot be separated from that of the planet; second, that raw materials will be increasingly precious. And it shows that the logic of production and consumption can be changed'.

A composite material

Core is a new, sustainable, high-performance composite material made from recycled cork grain and natural resins. The new material enhances the mechanical performance of cork while maintaining the sensory characteristics to generate soft shapes that do not betray the nature from which they are derived. Core has been developed in two different colour shades: Core Gold obtained from recycled wine corks and Core Black obtained from waste from building coats.

A design collection

Suber now becomes a collection of interior design objects (coffee tables, stools, lamps, buckets and coat racks) completely made in Italy. Suber Cork Second Life is a sustainable design project that has given rise to new objects of unique appeal, whose formal beauty is linked to the beauty of the philosophy from which they are born. Produced with energy-saving systems and finished one by one by skilled craftsmen. The surface of each object provides a velvety sensual experience when touched.

Sustainability on a large scale

"I think of an era of design where the form of objects derives not only from their function but from the very material they are made of, says Jari Franceschetto designer and artistic director Suber. "It is clear that in a new logic of circular economy, the role of aesthetics is fundamental; no new idea of sustainability will be able to work if it is not accepted on a large scale, and for this to happen we need to work on its formal value.