New porcelain stoneware collection draws on suggestions of Moroccan tradition

The meeting of manufacturing and industry has always been one of the reasons for the success in the world of Made in Italy, that unique blend of craftsmanship and seriality that distinguishes the best creations, capable of fishing back in time while looking to the contemporary market, capturing its taste and sensitivity. It also happens in the world of surfaces, a sector in which Italian companies have long excelled thanks to a long and distinctive research that passes through the recovery of histories, traditions and patinas. And it happens in particular with Tadelakt, the most recent collection of Cir Manifatture Ceramiche, a brand of the Romani Group, fifty years of history declined through a series of different and complementary brands always oriented towards continuous innovation.

Suggestions from Morocco

Convinced that creativity is a journey far from the obvious, especially in a sector like that of wall and surface coverings, where the offer is particularly rich, Cir Manifatture Ceramiche draws with Tadelakt from the suggestions of Morocco. In fact, the very name of the collection comes from the original plaster of the African country, traditionally used to decorate the walls of hammams with its effects full of light and reflections that amplify the decor and its perception.

Change of perspective

"The confrontation with different cultures and the change of perspective are the sparks from which some of the most original ideas are translated into porcelain stoneware," explain Cir. "Tadelakt wants to capture the intense light of Morocco, the bright colours of the lime walls of the hammams and the charm of the natural scenery of the North African country, condensing them into ceramic material. A journey into creativity with the quality of Made in Italy as its guiding star'.

Exotic atmospheres

Turning it into quicklime, slaking and sifting it by hand, and polishing it with river stones are the stages in the production of Moroccan lime. Thanks to its impermeability, achieved through black soap, Tadelakt is the coating par excellence for hammams and riads. A beauty that is conquering architects and designers to create bathrooms, spas, walls, rooms with soft and warm tones to which this cladding gives aesthetic effects similar to those of marmorino and Venetian stucco. In Cir Manifatture Ceramiche's special interpretation in porcelain stoneware, Tadelakt gives life to exotic atmospheres, becoming a precious tool for interior designers on the hunt for special suggestions and ancient craftsmanship techniques. The collection includes solutions for floors, wall coverings, mosaics and wallpaper decorations, an abacus of infinite solutions that enhance living or commercial spaces, including unusual colour combinations and precious decorative accents.

Wide range of colours

"White like the flowers of the Maghreb, black like the mountains of Morocco, ochre like the streets of the old city, red like spicy spices, green like mint tea and beige like cumin, a wide range of soft and warm colours in a project designed to conquer the spaces of architecture and interior design even at latitudes far away from the places of inspiration, bringing all their charm and beauty".

Patterns and formats

Tadelakt also offers a series of decorative patterns to transform walls into true scenographies. In fact, the collection provides architects and interior designers with four formats for each shade, from the largest (120x120 cm) to the smallest (10x40) completed by a rich proposal of 60x120 cm slabs that contribute to defining a wide range of design possibilities, perfect for any environment.