All the creative beauty of made in Italy in the new Argo outdoor collection by Ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati for Talenti

Designed by the Ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati studio, Argo, the new Talenti outdoor collection, offers a wide choice of sofas and armchairs, tables and coffee tables capable of fitting with ease into any space, because they are all designed to guarantee maximum customization. Starting with the materials. Precious woods, ropes and innovative textures have been chosen to give an element a timeless elegance and a strong reference to the indoor world, with both classic and contemporary taste. The lines and geometries of the collection are in fact born from the intersection of different techniques and the Umbrian company's craftsmanship in mastering the material processing. The name Argo is inspired by the mythological wooden boat that led Jason and the Argonauts around the Greek islands, in search of the legendary golden fleece. The three seats sofa stands out for its massive seat, for the wooden side bands, but also for the cushions made of quick dry foam and for the sled feets, making it appear raised, as if suspended. The same concept also characterizes the Love Seat sofa, in which the enveloping lines of the armrests combine with the regularity of the seat. The back as been made with interwoven synthetic ropes and each upholstery fabric designed to perfectly resist the effects of bad weather. The external structure that surrounds the seat is made of Accoya wood, one of the absolute protagonists of the entire collection. The same material was in fact used for the tables and coffee tables, available in different sizes to satisfy every space requirement.

At a glance

What is it?
Argo è una collezione Talenti composta da divani, pouf, sedute eclettiche e lettini che fa dialogare un materiale caldo come il legno nelle sue varie finiture con altri materiali come l’imbottito, l’intreccio e i tessuti più vari: un universo completo dal forte impatto estetico.
What its design concept?
The project develops the theme of the wooden box, with a clean, geometric and informal language. Large side bands contain the cushions of the upholstery, the seat is deep and welcoming, sled feet create a magical suspension of the furnishing element. The collection thus designs an environment in which different outdoor materials coexist in a free association of volumes and shapes that are neither too rigorous nor too organic.
How and where is it manufactured?
100% made in Italy, all the pieces in the collection are made with a sartorial attention to detail of artisanal matrix.
What makes it special?
Argo brings together completely different languages and signs in a single collection, underlining the freedom and flexibility that distinguish Talenti’s outdoor proposals. With style and design that until now were the stylistic signature of indoor environments only.
In the designer’s own words
All the beauty of informal life in the open air lies in the simplicity of an archaic and archetypal form, which is wood, fabric, softness, throwing yourself into a pillow to sunbathe or chat in the evening