An informal and elegant collection that plays on modularity with an eye on the environment and its protection

Sustainability is not a fashion but an entrepreneurial philosophy that translates into research and development and the design-technology pair. Sustainability, which is much talked about and little practised, is identity, innovation, inspiration, ideas to be put into circulation especially among the younger generations. A responsible attitude towards the environment is the goal that every company should strive for, that tension towards excellence that must guide the choices of design and product culture.

A project of quality

When Talenti thinks of a product, already in the concept phase the desire is to create a quality design that will last. This includes Allure, the result of a collaboration with French designer Christophe Pillet. A collection that mixes inspirations and feelings in line with the name. Informal and elegant, it plays on a modularity that starts with delicate aluminium feet and develops horizontally on a solid Accoya wood frame that acts as a backdrop for the different combinations. Thanks to alternating and interchangeable cushions of different sizes, the upholstery base varies, shrinking or changing appearance, creating surprising support zones and unexpected integrated tables that provide practical solutions with immediate aesthetic value.

What is Accoya wood

Accoya wood is not an essence but the result of an acetylation process to make it less hygroscopic, more stable and durable when exposed to direct contact with water and atmospheric agents. A material with high technical-performance characteristics (particularly physical and mechanical) that combines the aesthetics and colour of wood with qualities of extreme reliability, strength, durability and stability in extreme conditions.

A complete line

As is always the case with collections made by Talenti, a product is not an end in itself, but part of a complete line, a true family offering the customer a 360° experience. Allure is not just a sofa, therefore, but also a dining table, coffee table, armchair, dining chair and sun lounger. All under the banner of an unmistakable and mutually attuned style that gives life to a universe apart by Talenti/Pillet.