Integrated solutions by BTicino for a smart home based on technology and design

Comfort, security, wellbeing and energy savings are the strong points of the smart home by BTicino, seen this year at CES in Las Vegas. The protagonists are connection and integration between various devices, also of the other brands of the Legrand group, especially Netatmo, for simple, immediate interaction with the intelligent home. A home where lights, blinds, thermostats and video intercoms establish a dialogue with smart speakers and apps, permitting savings of time and energy with an eye on design.

Products on view: the Living Now digital controls, including voice commands that combine with Amazon Alexa, to activate all connected functions including lights, blinds and energy, and the new smart thermostat Smarther with Netatmo, which through the Home + Control app and Living Now permits control and programming of temperature anywhere, in any moment, optimizing consumption while ensuring maximum comfort.

Demonstrating that a connected home is affordable for all, BTicino also brought the Classe 100X video intercom to Las Vegas, combining modernity and innovation thanks to communication via smartphone and intercom, including remote control with a dedicated app, gate opening and other functions.

Connected solutions for better quality of domestic life in terms of innovation and savings include the new line of smart components for electrical panels – winner of the CES Innovation Award 2020 in the Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy, Tech for a Better World category – that will be produced and marketed by BTicino with the name BTdin with Netatmo.

The new system permits integration of Netatmo solutions in the electrical system, to have every aspect under control with a single Home + Control app, thanks to smart modules that can be installed to interact with existing ones, inside any standard electrical panel.