The new Artisan Fuchsia Metallic line includes four iconic products in a vibrant color; part of the proceeds of their sale goes to support the fight against breast cancer. Inspired by the colors of the famous bow, the symbol of the prevention campaign, the Fuchsia Metallic color is bold and bright.

KitchenAid has always supported the culinary talents of those who love to cook, and enjoy spending convivial moments with family and friends. Taking care of the people around us is a value that KitchenAid wanted to build into a new range of products, designed for those who want to add a touch of glamor to the kitchen, while at the same time supporting the fight against breast cancer.

Part of the proceeds of the sale of the new Fuchsia Metallic range – which includes the Stand Mixer 4.8 l, a blender, a toaster with two compartments and the 1.5 l teakettle – will be donated to theBreast Cancer Foundation, an international association of which the Susan G. Komen foundation is a part in Italy. For each Fuchsia Metallic teakettle or toaster the foundation receives 20 euros, while for the stand mixers and blenders in the same hue the donation amounts to 50 euros.