Piero Lissoni signs an innovative line of ergonomic and essential thermostatic valves that are part of the range of RBM more brand proposals for the pursuit of climatic wellbeing

RBM, a historical company in the Brescia area

Founded by the Bossini family in 1953, RBM is a company active in the production of components for the plumbing and heating industry with four production plants in Italy, six branches and more than 250 employees worldwide.

RBM more and climate wellbeing

In 2021, the company launched RBM more, a new business division operating internationally with a range of solutions that respond to the need to seek climate wellbeing.

It is a concept that indicates the ability to feel good in home and workplaces, which RBM more has decided to pursue by creating a range of integrated systems designed to control and optimize the three index variables of well-being in environments: temperature, humidity and air quality.

Piero Lissoni's thermostatic valves: aesthetics and functionality

In addition to efficiency in management systems, the harmony of space also contributes to the quality of life.

The feeling of comfort is also gratified by beauty and attention to detail. In this sense, a good project can make a difference.

Such is the case with the innovative valves, ergonomically shaped and refined, to be installed on radiators to control the flow of hot water designed for the brand by Piero Lissoni.

Following the 2014 decree which imposed the installation of individual thermoregulation and metering systems in all buildings served by centralized heating systems, thermostatic valves have become an increasingly present element in our homes where they allow you to control consumption, contributing not only to savings on the bill but also to a reduction in harmful emissions with beneficial effects on the environment.

However, these are components that are very often overlooked and undervalued in the design of an environment.

The joint work of RBM more and architect and designer Piero Lissoni has led to the creation of a sophisticated proposal that integrates into the space, creating visual continuity with the radiator.

The collection, available in black or white, was presented at the last FuoriSalone in the company showroom and is the result of a careful study of proportions to create a device with essential aesthetics that enhances the purity of the cylinder.