Ever more connected and technological, the latest generation appliances prove to be among the most precious allies of the newfound domesticity

Gone are the days when a fridge was limited to cooling, an oven to heat or a hood to extract: new generation appliances - often connected and remotely managed through the most common devices - are complex elements equipped with capable technological functions. to have an evident (and positive) impact on our daily life. In support of this thesis, this roundup, without claims of completeness, opened by refrigerators.

The new Liebherr built-in range is divided into four distinct series, Pure, Prime, Plus and Peak. To the latter, which provides uncompromising aesthetic and technological quality, belongs the combined ICBdi 5183, which can count on pluses such as: EasyFresh, to best preserve fruit and vegetables; BioFresh Professional with HydroBreeze, a mist that ensures maximum freshness to food; IceMaker; InfinitySpring, a built-in water dispenser whose integrated filtering system guarantees perfect water quality. All the new built-in models are already prepared and can be connected to the WLAN via the SmartDeviceBox, so as to be able to take advantage of the numerous options offered by the SmartDevice application and the network connection of the refrigerator in an existing Smart Home environment.

Whirlpool's new Total No Frost freezer cabinets are the first built-in models to be equipped with the technology that gives the line its name and which simplifies food storage, while the 6th SENSE function constantly detects temperature changes through intelligent sensors and restores optimal conditions quickly (both in the fridge and in the freezer) every time the door is opened. Extremely silent (just 32 dBA of noise thanks to Zen Inverter technology), the brand new built-in models have pluses such as Fresh Box +, which guarantees the perfect environment to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 15 days, and the Multi Fresh Box , which can be set by choosing three different temperatures and is therefore ideal for containing different foods.

Moving on to the ovens, the multifunctional of the new Matt Black line by AEG, SteamPro BSK999330T is equipped with a remote connection and internal camera thanks to which it is possible, using the My AEG app, to monitor the progress of cooking in real time and define the temperature. of the dishes via smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, by touching the Rotary I-Tex adjustment knob, the oven will show the available cooking settings and modes on the TFT display; for example, by selecting the steam one, the appliance will automatically adjust the correct percentage and temperature, cooking the dishes perfectly without resorting to too high temperatures and saving energy.

Aesthetically characterized by darkened black glass and the absence of a handle - the opening is entrusted to a proximity sensor - the Signature Kitchen Suite multifunction steam oven, SKSOV2411S, has 18 cooking modes that combine steam and hot air, and 20 pre-set 'Gourmet Chef' recipes, which can be activated through the 7 ”high definition color LCD touch display. Like any Signature Kitchen Suite appliance, the oven is also WiFi Ready and can be connected to the home network to control, even remotely, operation, switching on and off. Furthermore, thanks to the Smart Diagnosis system, just bring your device close to the product to check via the app if it is working correctly and promptly identify any malfunctions.

Built-in 60cm electric oven from Bertazzoni's Modern Series, F6011MODVPTN is equipped with a self-cleaning pyrolytic coating and a 76-liter cavity. Thanks to its eleven functions it is ideal for cooking at medium-low temperatures. The static cooking is particularly suitable for cakes, while the ventilated one ensures a uniform distribution of heat on all five levels, so as to cook without the flavors mixing. Among the functions supplied, Total Steam allows you to cook fast and healthy dishes thanks to the water vapor that allows you to preserve the flavors, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, while Steam Assist offers the possibility of combining traditional cooking functions with injections of steam in three intensity levels: minimum, medium and maximum. Operation is made extremely intuitive by the Full Touch controls of the black glass control panel with TFT display; the latter also allows simple management of the food temperature probe and the Bertazzoni Assistant.

The range of hoods, sometimes integrated with the hobs, is also wide and diversified. This is the case of Galileo 60 by Faber, in which the hood is incorporated into an induction hob which, with its 60 cm, fits perfectly into the format of the standard kitchen modules. Equipped with touch control commands with which to control the hood and cooking zone with a single touch, Galileo 60 is equipped with the Intensive Speed ​​function, which allows you to increase the suction power to eliminate odors and persistent fumes in a few minutes, and a setting system automatic suction that activates itself and adjusts the collection capacity according to the selected cooking levels.

The Siemens glassdraftAir telescopic deck hood is equipped with Guided Air, a technology developed by the BSH group that allows you to control the air flow of fumes and vapors. Furthermore, the model is able to adjust its performance in real time as needed: via WiFi, the hood is tuned to the hob, and the two appliances together - thanks to the climateControl and cookConnect sensors - automatically measure the quantity of fumes and odors in the 'air. Can be installed in drainage or recycling, glassdraftAir is able to clean the air by eliminating up to 90% of odors and, thanks to the cleanAir Plus filter, filter up to 99% of pollen.

Awarded the Compasso d'Oro, the Spazio hood, designed for Falmec by Francesco Lucchese, is now also presented in a more compact version, Spazio 130, retaining all the characteristics of the 180 cm original. In stainless steel or black painted steel finishes, the hood consists of a two-bearing island structure, with a smoked glass shelf for storing dishes. It is equipped with a floor divided between the suction body and the optional green area, designed for a small domestic garden. In the lower part, moreover, the structure houses a system of electrical sockets and USB ports. Spazio 130 is part of the Circle.Tech collection by Falmec which, thanks to the filtering technology, allows the outgoing air to spread evenly.

Developed as a furnishing solution capable of integrating with the living space, the Super Plat is part of Elica Connect, the range that includes hoods that can be managed through the app of the same name. In this way, it is possible to remotely set its operation, from switching on and off control to suction power, up to the intensity and color tone of the light. The connected hoods can also be connected to the most common devices, such as Amazon Alexa, guaranteeing the same functions.