Retail Design Institute (USA) rewards Alessandro Luciani's "Lenovo Space" project: experiential, innovative, cutting-edge

Inaugurated in Corso Matteotti in Milan a year ago as the brand's first flagship store in Europe, Spazio Lenovo wins the prestigious International Design Competition 'Best of the Best' Class 2020 award from the American Retail Design Institute, which announced the 25 best retail projects selected among the most important design studios in the world for the 50th edition of the competition.

Color is the dominant element of Alessandro Luciani's creative work, an attention full of meanings: color has the ability to generate and modify our emotions, it plays a decisive role in design choices and is an integral part of the human experience. The design philosophy of the eclectic designer has always been characterized by its anthropocentric character, which places the person at the center of thoughts and creations, in an innovative vision oriented to the involvement of emotions and the creation of new experiences. The colors are bright and lively: turquoise, fuchsia, orange, lilac, blue and green buds of the flag communicate positive energy and recall the graphic patterns of the brand.

The use of dichroic glass allows a play of reflections of different colors and recalls the chromatic change that occurs with the passing of the day, underlining the constant play that is generated between inside and outside, between natural and artificial light, between being plein air and being in an enclosed space.

The lighting project is a rhythmic game of LEDs, which involves positioning the light points where they are actually needed, avoiding rigid lighting schemes and favoring 'natural' effects with warm light LEDs, as if the sun's rays could enter. The presence of a Ledwall for the entire height of the store allows you to generate a direct and continuous flow of communications.

The philosophy that inspires the entire Lenovo Space project is the creation of an environment in which people can feel comfortable with the pleasant perception of being in an outdoor space while being indoors: here are the 13 columns covered with stabilized vertical green, floors in sown-effect porcelain stoneware to recall the path of a garden and furniture designed ad hoc, taking up the graphic signs of the brand and reinterpreting them in the design of the furnishing accessories. In particular, the large ground tables with solid surface tops rest on an original element that at first glance refers to the stem of a flower, echoing the L from Lenovo.