The outcome of a partnership between Tecnomar and Centro Stile Lamborghini, it is inspired by the lines of the Siàn FKP 37, the hybrid super sports model of the Modena super car brand. Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is a futuristic yacht, where function corresponds to design

It represents the cutting edge of luxury speedboats, a perfect mix of style, technology and engineering. But above all it is a clear example of the fusion between two different design fields: nautical excellence and super sport cars. The latest Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is the result of the collaboration between Tecnomar with the Lamborghini Style Center. Not a simple exercise in style and design, but the precise urge to create something new in the category of high-performance luxury watercraft. A unique project, inspired by the Lamborghini Siàn FKP 37, the hybrid super sports car with an unmistakable and futuristic design, fully customizable in the colors and details. And the result is surprising.

“Today there’s an overwhelming desire for adventure and freedom, owning yachts capable of sailing in any condition and place. The desire to have a continuous relationship with the sea. But above all, shipowners want uniqueness.” The observation is by Giovanni Costantino, founder & CEO of The Italian Sea Group, a renowned luxury yacht shipyard active in the construction and refitting of motoryachts and superyachts over 100 meters in length with the brands Admiral (prestigious and elegant yachts) and Tecnomar (craft famous for sporting qualities and high performance). The challenge was to reinterpret the bloodlines of both brands and create a unique object with lines and technical characteristics capable of ensuring superlative performance.

There are two innovative elements at the basis of its design concept: speed and dynamic lightness, just like Lamborghini super sports cars. The external lines define a silhouette that deviates completely from any boat design, rich in details that are the sum of stylistic choices that are beautiful to look at but above all functional. The hull is designed by the team of naval engineers specialized in the study of hydrodynamics; the hard top, inspired by Lamborghini’s roadster models, guarantees surprising aerodynamic performance and at the same time offers protection from sun and wind.

Carbon fiber, a material chosen in boating and a typical element of Lamborghini cars to help reduce weight, and the two MAN V12-2000HP engines enable it to skim over the water at 63 knots. The interiors are comfortable and are the result of a high-tech design based on the use of highly performing materials, in terms of weight and functionality and rational in terms of layout. Completely made to measure and customizable in colors and materials through the “Ad Personam” program, they take into account all the iconic elements of Lamborghini, such as hexagons, clean lines and Y’s; you can choose a solution with two cabins (double forward) and double lateral or with a single open space.