The undisclosed secrets of the production of a legendary brand: in the last factory in Venice, the new fabrics of the Imago 2021 collection by Fortuny take flight

For the presentation of the new Fortuny 2021 fabric collection, the ideal place is directly in the factory, or rather in the hidden gardens behind the factory. Not in an anonymous industrial area but on the Giudecca, in the only factory still active in Venice. In the former convent of San Biagio with red bricks, next to the Mulino Stucky, the iconic Fortuny fabrics have been produced since 1921, loved all over the world, especially in the States.

Fortuny, the iconic Venetian brand of artistic fabrics, was born from the extraordinary creative flair of Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo, Spanish painter, stylist, scenographer and designer, originally from Granada, who moved to Venice at the end of the 19th century. Since its origins, the Fortuny brand has been characterized for a unique combination of artistic vision and vocation for research and innovation: craftsmanship blends with the use of industrial machines, conceived and designed by Fortuny himself, and still used today in the secret manufacturing procedures, with which produces the iconic printed cotton.

The founder's genius is legendary: Mariano files patents for over twenty unique inventions, including dimmer switches, the Fortuny Dome for stage lighting, nautical propellers and his unrivaled pleating machine, which led to the creation of the iconic dress. Delphos in 1907. Today the company is led by the brothers Maury and Mickey Riad, who have expanded the Fortuny universe to include, in addition to luxury textiles, that of interiors, in homage to the passions and versatility of the brand founder.

Fortuny has always found inspiration from all four corners of the globe: the new Imago collection follows a journey on the wings of beauty: born during the lockdown and presented in a world that can't wait to leave and take flight, the metaphor of the butterfly is perfectly fitting, since it contains a moment of silence and inner peace that leads to a metamorphosis. Most of the fabrics draws from the vast historical archive of Mariano's designs, updating the nuances and color variations.

“Starting from a physical and spiritual space, the mythical garden of the Fortuny Factory in Giudecca, we imagined butterflies with beautiful Fortuny patterned wings that flutter until they fly over the walls to bring the beauty of Fortuny all over the world. We see butterflies in New York, Mexico City, Japan, Rabat and Paris, with the mission to cover the world with beauty. A mirror of nature and cultures, a celebration of art and inspiration ”explains Mickey Riad, Creative Director of the brand.

The lack of life in the open air was the starting point to be back in those physical and memory places: fresh flowers and bright houses in Mexico City, architecture and traditional clothes in Japan, an espresso in a Paris bistro, the medina of Rabat, a walk in Central Park.