The new radiator designed by Marco Pisati for the Abruzzo brand: the design of each element is deliberately asymmetrical. During assembly in the factory, the individual elements are randomly juxtaposed, resulting in infinite rhythms and designs. Each product is therefore unique

In some works by Andy Warhol, serial repetitions of the matrix image intentionally present small defects that make them not photocopies without any artistic value, but different and therefore unique copies. In repetition, Warhol found inspiration and emphasized the idea of ​​repeating by not repeating precisely. Art was thus brought into focus through similarity and difference. The idea from which Tessuto was born, the new radiator designed by Marco Pisati for Cordivari, arose from this reflection.

The solution is linked to the design of the element which, repeatedly assembled, forms the radiator. The design is deliberately asymmetrical, made up of grooves and flat parts. The element, thus drawn and rotated 180 degrees, has a different design as it is specular. During assembly in the factory, the elements, rotated or not, are deliberately juxtaposed randomly, resulting in infinite rhythms and designs. Each product is therefore unique, the image is always similar to the original but the rhythm is always different. The concept is based on the idea of ​​being able to have, through an industrial process, serial copies of the product, each slightly different from the original, in order to always have unique pieces.

From an aesthetic point of view, the product was born from research on the textures of fabrics and the desire to reproduce the warp on the surface of a vertical radiator. A project accompanied by an interesting system of minimalist accessories: shelves and hanging bars which in turn become a “unique” together with the product itself. The sign that characterizes them is the extreme lightness linked to the use of very small sections.

Tessuto is a radiator in extruded aluminum with elements combined to create a continuous plate, with high thermal performance: each element measures 15 cm in width in 11 variable heights; the assembly of the various elements determines multiple possibilities of width, guaranteeing designers extreme creative freedom, also available with standard center distances for replacing old radiators. Versions with a height greater than 1000 mm are produced with retractable valves. There are 80 chromatic variations of the Cordivari Design color chart to choose from.

Tessuto was included in the Adi Design Index 2021 selection, was awarded the Archiproducts Design Award 2021 and won the German Design Award Gold 2022, the highest recognition for one of the most important international awards in the design sector.