Rigorous geometries, ton sur ton architectural designs, iconic zigzags, fairy-tale landscapes in a pop key: the world of textile design moves between material textures, precious wall coverings and special re-editions

Constructing an abstract, very white space, full of light, creating colored walls and volumes that interact with the newest fabrics and wallpapers: this is the goal of the Interni shooting dedicated to new products in furnishing fabrics, upholstery, wallpaper, tablecloths ... Spheres, pyramids, cylinders coated in colored micro-resin become micro-architectures in relation to other primitive forms on which the textiles rest. Furthermore, in an ironic game, the seats in foam derived from industrial waste from the Finemateria design studio are skeletons of foam rubber, ready to be upholstered as desired. To remember the building blocks of the house, vertical and horizontal panels are transformed into covered walls, tables with decorated tablecloths, designer paintings made with blankets, while the colored wooden surfaces are waiting to be laid.

From left, Nets wallpaper from the Wallpaper Collection Be Grateful to Mother Earth by Novacolor with metallic details, here in the Orange Sunset version. Magico Mexico fabric, designed by Mexican illustrator Gabriel Pacheco for Rubelli and printed in pure cotton: a fairy tale landscape with bright colors (in three variants) populated by fantastic fauna and exuberant flora. Comfort / Uncomfort aluminum chair with polyurethane backrest by Finemateria.

From left, Archiutopia indoor-outdoor fabric from the Eutropia line by Studiopepe for Élitis, inspired by radical architecture. Appeal, a jacquard fabric with geometric motifs, in Trevira, is part of the Classic collection by Christian Fischbacher: black is the protagonist in all the variations combined with contemporary nuances such as saffron yellow, emerald green (in the photo) and light blue. Please Hold Up chair in self-supporting UP40 polyurethane foam by Finemateria.

From left, Birmingham fabric by MissoniHome 2022 collection: here the iconic Missoni zig-zag is in a sequence of harmonious shades of different tones and shades on a high-performance yarn-dyed jacquard flame retardant (Trevira). Slinky tablecloth in 100% linen from the Housewives 7 collection by La DoubleJ: the optical motif is taken from one of the prints from the Mantero Seta archive made in the 70s that co-founder JJ Martin rediscovered.

In the foreground, Haus by Society tablecloth in abaca, a biocompatible natural fiber; printed with an abstract pattern and divided asymmetrically into chromatically different halves. Castillo fabrics, natural sunflower color, in a wool, cotton, linen and bamboo blend, and Cartagena, ivory / orange, in a wool and cotton blend, from the Eolie collection by C&C Milano. Geometric shapes coated with Microresina, an elastic microfilm for the re-design of all furnishing elements; here in Natural Green, Desert Peach, Olive Green and Dusty Yellow colors; exhibited at the Kerakoll Brera Studio in Milan, Kerakoll.

From left, Camo Isole printed cotton fabric from the Imago collection by Fortuny, made with metallic pigments and tonal stratifications that create light effects and let you glimpse the shape of various islands: in addition to Venice, there are Sardinia, Sicily, England, Cuba. Here in vetiver, aqua & gold, but exists in eight variations. Reginaldo fabric with regimental stripes inspired by Anglo-Saxon college uniforms, to be used horizontally or vertically, Dedar. Sphere coated with Microresina, an elastic microfilm for the re-design of all furnishing elements, here in the color Rose Pink: the Color Collection includes 150 colors, Kerakoll.

From left, Wild Gradient wall covering by Diesel Living with Wall&decò, in digitally printed non-woven fabric, here in the pink variant. Wavy Fir by Raw Edges for Alpi, surface made of poplar wood characterized by a wavy movement of the veins, available in two colors. Like a painting, the Triennale 2 plaid from the Memory is My Home capsule collection by Lanerossi: a re-edition of a design presented in 1936 at the Palazzo dell'Arte in Milan, in six color variants, in extrafine virgin wool woven with a jacquard technique, for an the negative on the back, finished in blanket stitch.

From left, Nuvola Blue carpet from the Venus Power collection by Patricia Urquiola for cc-tapis in hand-knotted Himalayan wool. Wallcovering in pure linen This Must Be The Place Wall by Dedar, designed by the duo of illustrators Icinori, made with a special artisan technique of square printing through a sequence of ten color steps. Arzu Danube fireproof velvet from the Katori collection by Romo, with geometric diamond patterns, in seven color variants: here in shades of blue.

Palette cotton satin from the Résonance collection by Lelièvre, digitally printed, with a pictorial treatment, with three-color all-over brushstrokes; available in five shades. On the right, Soleil throw in merino wool and cashmere with blanket stitching, Hermès. Cutted Clouds armchair composed of three layers of polyurethane, by Finemateria.

Styling Carolina Trabattoni - Photos Paolo Riolzi