Slow pace, creative workmanship but of other times, measured and respectful growth: around a breath of well-being. We take you on a journey through the woods of Trentino where Fiemme Tremila produces floors - but also furnishings - in biocompatible wood

In Val di Fiemme we grow up surrounded by the embrace of the forest. To these millions of trees - which at times, in the silence of the forest, we seem to hear all breathing together - we owe the quality of our life. It is a silent company”.

In these words of the founder and CEO Marco Felicetti, the essence of Fiemme Tremila, a brand of floors, and now also furnishings, in biocompatible wood able to improve indoor air quality, based in Predazzo, in Trentino.

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Roots in the woods guarantee healthy living

A building concept, the one underlying Fiemme Tremila, has its foundations in healthy living. For 30 years, the company rooted in the mountain area has continued to do what it does best: choose excellent woods, work them with care, at a slow and measured pace - of yesteryear - to respect their essence, up to transforming them into quality, durable and beautiful surfaces. That enhance the healthy and natural soul of the raw material.

Bringing the woods into the house ...

In Japan they call it shinrin-yoku, in Val di Fiemme they call it home. It is the bathroom in the forest , an intimate connection with a living and uncontaminated natural environment that offers physical and mental well-being sustainable and biocompatible wood - guaranteed by certifications and certifications - of Fiemme Tremila wants to transfer these benefits to indoor environments by bringing the wood into the house.

... a double responsibility

Bringing the benefits of the forest into the home, however, entails a double responsibility: towards the environment and towards the customer.

Fiemme Tremila uses only certified woods: on the one hand, the territorial resources protected by the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, on the other hand those imported guaranteed by PEFCTM (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), coming from forests cultivated with forestry practices and responsible management plans.

As for the client, whether private or designer, the Predazzo-based company also undertakes to supply a impeccable and sustainable raw material, and to preserve it throughout the working process, from cutting to installation, avoiding the use of any synthetic agent that could compromise its original properties.

Val di Fiemme: a Magnificent Community

In Val di Fiemme respect and protection of the environment have ancient roots. From the responsibility towards the territory and its inhabitants, the Magnificent Community of Fiemme was officially born in 1111, a centuries-old institution which still today preserves the natural heritage of the valley and which is still a community today.

60 million trees to be preserved

Its representatives, democratically elected by the heads of the families as spokespersons for all the inhabitants, protect and manage the common good: pastures, huts and, of course, woods. Trees are the most precious patrimony: there are 60 million of them, mostly spruces, among which the precious resonant firs.

If the Renaissance Palazzo della Magnifica in the center of Cavalese tells its prestigious story, the sawmill in Ziano di Fiemme is more operational than ever: here the timber from local forests is processed according to FSC © and PECFTM certified processes.

Making a system in a concrete way

And from this fascinating institution comes a virtuous but above all concrete way of thinking: to make - really - system to generate well-being. A network of different companies (such as Starpool, La Sportiva, Pastificio Felicetti, in addition to Fiemme Tremila) put the love for the territory, that of Val di Fiemme. A healthy and welcoming territory that smells of mountains, woods and wood, where well-being flows like lifeblood.

From floors to (affectionate) furnishings...

Durability, emotional relationships with objects, healthiness: these are the roots of the new collection of furniture elements Solo designed by studio aledolci&co. for the project Wood Design by Fiemme Tremila. Six friendly furnishings, built in biocompatible wood, custodians of the emotions of living: chest, totem, sideboard, workshop table, lounge table and coffee table.

Fiemme Tremila products increase indoor well-being

The essences of the Fiemme Tremila floors thus come alive with an unexpected verticality, acquire volume and give shape to a new way of conceiving furniture, strong with an unparalleled resistance. The name Solo evokes the purity and essentiality of this collection made, in fact, only in wood to last over the years, free itself from temporary trends and increase indoor well-being.

Solid and durable furniture such as flooring

The Solo collection was created to accompany people's lives over time. The furniture, in fact, has the same triple-layer structure as the floors of Fiemme Tremila: three crossed layers of solid wood that ensure stability, durability and solidity.

They are furniture on which one could walk. Their solidity makes new relationships, fearless and affective, possible with the furniture elements, to be fully experienced, every day.

Containers (cerulean) of memory

Solo explores the value of the relationship between people and objects , the charisma of concrete and natural presences - lifes  - in an increasingly dematerialized and artificial reality. All the furnishing elements contain containers that testify to the special function of custodians of the memory. The internal finish in cerulean , named Memory blue, attests to its specificity, chromatic but above all affective.

An eclectic style that plays with contrasts

The design of the furnishings plays with the composition of solids and voids, with the contrast of light and dark, with the alternation of supported and cantilevered volumes and, above all, with the combination of multiple woods.

In fact, the furniture mixes up to seven essences, different types (oak, walnut, elm, burma teak, larch), choices (knotless, knotty, variegated) and processing (smoothed, planed, brushed, saw surface).

The result are dynamic, eclectic, essential but never minimal objects, where the composition of textures, colors and surfaces transforms the wood into a sort of fabric: an unexpected 3D pattern.

The visual, tactile and olfactory properties

The visual and tactile properties of Solo are enhanced (inebriated) by the olfactory qualities, given by the use of the patented BioPlus treatment, an oil based on waxes, vegetable resins and oils balsamic with an unmistakable natural scent, which nourishes the wood, letting it breathe over time. For floors, furniture - sensations, memories and emotions - out from time.