The Lawrence suitcase holder is a practical and versatile luggage carrier

The strength of Toscanini's contract production is the possibility to manufacture products exclusively for the individual establishment. The tailor-made service provided guarantees a made-to-measure, made-in-Italy product that allows the wardrobe of suites and hotel rooms as well as spas to be given a personal and customised connotation.

Absolute customisation

Toscanini has made the bespoke concept its own, creating different options to customise the proposals in the collection and adapt them to the spaces, enhancing them to make them even more unique and special. In a well-organised wardrobe, clothes racks are not enough; other solutions are needed to hang and store everything in order. The Hôtellerie collection includes a range of solutions for tidying up with taste: accessory rings, luggage and bag holders for restaurants, standers. Each item is designed to co-ordinate with the style of the room and the chosen hangers.

Quality of detail

From proposals for the home to those for contract, with a high quality of the finished product, all Toscanini collections are synonymous with elegance and thanks to the company's productive and creative versatility, each proposal can be customised in detail and made to measure.

Practical and versatile

The Lawrence suitcase holder is a practical and versatile luggage holder that can be easily folded up to reduce clutter. It is available in two sizes: the XL version is ideal for suitcases that open like a clamshell. It is made of beech wood available in natural, wenge and Canaletto walnut finishes, with leather details in a wide range of colours.