Locherber Milano opens a new boutique in Rome. And for the occasion he dedicates an unprecedented fragrance to the Eternal City

In one of the liveliest areas of Rome, a few steps from Ponte Milvio, Locherber Milano opens the first boutique in the capital dedicated to its fragrances: a space that celebrates the olfactory universe of the Milanese brand that has made room fragrances a art. The vocation for design and craftsmanship that characterizes the philosophy of Locherber Milano inspired the interior project, designed to recreate a place that revisits elements of the deco style in a contemporary key.

The combination of the materials chosen for the coverings and wood paneling, and some style details reflect the company's passion for art and attention to detail. Rare woods, ancient marbles and semi-precious stones are used for the processing of the iconic Locherber caps that transform the diffusers into exclusive furnishing items. The floor in blue Bardiglio marble with hexagonal motifs with a tile laying is inspired by the flooring of Santa Tecla, an early Christian basilica which in the late Imperial Roman era, when Mediolanum was the capital of the Western Roman Empire, stood where the Cathedral of Milan.

The backdrop in green quartzite and the backlit white onyx used on the wall in the display niches with shelves in brushed natural brass and in contrast with the black lacquered boiserie, whose wavy processing manages to synthesize the union between matter, of great scenographic impact. and design.

"We are very happy to finally be able to inaugurate this space", comments Brigitte Baerlocher, Marketing and Communication Manager Locherber Milan, "Rome is a magnificent city and we have decided to pay homage to its charm with a new fragrance that we are presenting for the occasion: Dolce Roma XXI . A fresh and sensual scent that intoxicates the senses like a walk through the alleys of Rome, surrounded by beauty and history, but also by the temptations of the dolce vita. Our fragrances are created to evoke emotions, memories and give a touch of personality to the spaces of our daily life. "

The bouquet of Dolce Roma XXI opens with fruity aromas of pineapple, apple and red grapes, a sweet prelude to citrus notes of bergamot and currant that give the fragrance freshness and vigor, in an elegant aromatic architecture that evolves into hints of rosewood , fig and olive tree. The Mediterranean then lights up from the East when amber and patchouly arrive to the senses, to finally leave room for the warm, sweet and enveloping finish of musk and vanilla.

Dolce Roma XXI is the new fragrance of the Skyline Collection: flacons with a slender and contemporary design, made by Italian glass masters in dark smoked glass and embellished with the iconic T2 cap in wood, marble or stone with which to customize the diffuser. Among the available materials, Travertine, French Red Marble, Honey Onyx and Petra: ancient marbles and semiprecious stones pay homage to the city, in a collection of rare caps shaped by expert hands. The collection includes: essence diffusers with rods (sizes from 125 ml to 2500 ml); Eau de Parfum (100 ml); spray diffuser (100 ml); linen bag with sea salt (for drawers and cabinets).