From a line of furnishings for wellness therapy that enriches its organic forms with classic stylistic features to a lively trendy beauty bar. There are several - sophisticated and unexpected - urban shelters designed to take care of oneself

Whether for well-being or vanity, the need to take care of oneself from the body expands to involve the mind. There is no anymore a clear separation between needs and desires: there are needs, individual and global, cultural and environmental, artistic and aesthetic that must find spaces adequate, welcoming and timeless spaces. Or rather, from slowed down time.

It is a new hedonism , which can be expressed in a beauty bar that associates a coffee or, why not, a cocktail with facial treatments, or in ethereal places with a pure and ancestral aura where a radiant wellness therapy is staged.

But beauty is admirable if it is also responsible. Therefore, hair care is associated with - concrete - sustainable actions, promoted by visual and narrative phrases, concise and powerful.

The Ballard beauty bar & amp; Fant by Foro Studio

In Milan, in viale Piave 6 there is a new place, in terms of time and offer. Ballard & Fant is a beauty bar designed for those who want to take care of their wellbeing and their image. It is a beauty center which, in parallel with specialized services dedicated to the care of the face, hands and feet, offers an area integrated with cocktail bar and café.

The designers of Foro Studio wanted to create an urban refuge, in which to take care of yourself and feel good with others.

Investing time in your well-being

Glamorous and enveloping, the space is designed for those who want to invest time in their well-being, letting themselves go into a slow dimension that escapes the chaotic metropolitan context.

Equipped with different types of hospitality and permanence - such as the bar areas, lounges, lounges and technical workstations - the setting translates the concept into a reality capable of merging varied experiences and interactions in one place.

Wellness Therapy by Studio Apostoli

Alberto Apostoli of the homonymous studio experiments with new expressive registers, which blend organic elements with classic styles, drawing for Varaschin Wellness Therapy a new system of complementary furniture dedicated to the world of spa and wellness centers.

Essential lines and pure volumes define the four products that make up the line: a single and double relaxation top, a chaise longue and Sasso, a multisensory and multifunctional element. For a new contemporary hedonism.

Pure, organic and Hellenic forms

Wellness Therapy is a system of furnishings and accessories dedicated to the spa world but aimed at the individual and self-care , outlined by simple and absolute geometries, pure lines, neutral colors and a strong reference to nature, in aesthetics and concept, embellished with classical references, Roman and Hellenic. For a new contemporary hedonism.

The balance between soul, mind and body

Modular, modular and customizable in accessories and finishes, the range mixes advanced technologies and innovative materials with ancestral and ascetic suggestions, to achieve balance between soul, mind and body.

We Sustain Beauty by Pietro Terzini

And when it comes to beauty, art cannot be missing, but neither can sustainability. On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, Davines, a brand of professional hair cosmetics, invited the artist Pietro Terzini to create two permanent installations (two synthetic and immediate phrases, visual and narrative, written with his unmistakable handwriting) inside the Milanese salon MyPlace Hair Studio, aimed at promoting the first global socio-environmental initiative We Sustain Beauty which takes concrete actions for the climate by safeguarding biodiversity and regenerative organic agriculture.