Iridescent and bright, dense and pulsating, an explosion of autumn colors warms the atmosphere. Without waiting for – or anticipating – Christmas, with its rituals and its (abused) styles

It's a warm and bright autumn, which ignites the colors of plants and trees to restore a palpable warmth. Without opening the 'eternal debate on the the excessive advance with which cities are decorated, we can warm the atmosphere even without garlands, red bows and mistletoe, at least in November.

Pasty, pulsating, imbued with ardor, without being Christmassy, ​​we have chosen textile, exhibition, photographic, between design, art and wine projects, which dose (elements) and embrace ( bodies and minds), with the discretion that makes autumn the most sophisticated season.

Even if, next to the typical burnt tones , there are unexpected flicks (welcoming) gilded, and not even the little lights, which, however, instead of preening a fir, outline rows of vines in the darkness, giving a a heady nocturnal harvest.

The exotic but domestic charm of Lisa Corti

Petroleum, geranium, saffron, peacock, teal, olive green, Persian blue. The colors of the multiethnic and flamboyant  by Lisa Corti who for the new collection home textiles has created a special, elegant and vibrant lookbook.

Set in a contemporary home with a vintage patina, among western-style furniture, Indian-influenced textures and decorations with African references, the catalog is lit by the usual and risky chromatic contrasts, emphasized by the calibrated shots of Mina Poostdooz, led by art director Işıl Gün.

Historical and sumptuous Damascus, yes, but toned down

The ancient damask, the historic and glorious one of Rubelli, is renewed to offer a new reading of the famous silk fabric. A reinterpretation that is the result of careful and rigorous work, focused in particular on weaves and colors.

Objective: to "play down" the designs inherited from tradition, even in the name. Each of the seven new damasks is in fact called Damask with a contrasting attribute that describes the identity of the single design: Patina, Pop, Flirt, Mirage, Gypsum, Puzzle, Decoupage.

A reading that is also photographic, of author: the one returned by the shots disordered”, of laden but crumpled post-prandial tables very refined , by Beppe Brancato, with styling by Studio Testo.

A decadent Parisian hotel particulier

From October 18 to 23, Paris was the stage for Zut!, event that staged new possibilities and transformations synergies between art and design in an 18th century decadent palace in the 7th arrondissement.

Built in 1728 as the Hôtel de Guise, this opulent hotel particulier has thus become a source of inspiration for artists and creatives who have given new life to its peeling abandoned shell.  

Seven international galleries involved in Zut! Paris: A1043 (Paris), Deli Gallery (New York), Friedman/Johnson (Miami), Galerie Mitterrand (Paris) Salon 94 Design (New York), The Breeder (Athens) and Volume Gallery (Chicago).

An (unexpected) welcoming and golden garrison

Autumn is precious and bright, it sparkles and is the bearer of virtuous messages, without the need for Christmas styles.

How Presidio, the project by Studio Lievito presented as part of the collective exhibition Reverse Towards a New Paradigm, organized by NAM - Not a Museum and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence at the Manifattura Tabacchi of Florence, until November 24, 2022.

For the site-specific installation with a strong visual and value impact, some furniture already present on site, including a bed, a table and chairs, was covered with isothermal blankets. Five rooms were then created, 'inhabited' by archetypal furnishing elements, ennobled by the gilded surface in which they are wrapped, thus becoming symbols of welcome.

A suspended bright (and respectful) island

On September 23, 2022, on the occasion of the harvest, Terlo Night Harvest was lit up, the scenographic site-specific installation created by Emilio Ferro who illuminated the entire Terlo vineyard of the Astemia Pentita, in Barolo, in Piedmont.

Six hundred points of light have outlined the rows, otherwise wrapped in darkness, and emphasized the regular geometry of the cultivated hill, to create a sort of suspended luminous island, recalling the charm of ancient rituals and celebrating the poetry of the little things.

The project has scrupulously followed the life cycle of nature, waiting for the moment of perfect ripening of the grape. A gesture of extreme care and respect, a reference to the (wise and inebriating) peasant wisdom.