Coverings for walls, fabrics for furnishings: the former display fantastic depictions, custom sizing and waterproof finishes; the latter come in precious fibers with trend-setting colors and designs, for indoor and outdoor use

From left, manikin with removable heads and metal base, by La Rosa whit Baba Jaga jacquard fabric from Rubelli, 37% acetate, 35% rayon and 28% cotton, in five color variants with pattern 46 cm and height 140 cm. Tricot Rayure striped knit outdoor fabric by Dedar, 65% polyester and 35% polypropylene, in four color variants with pattern of 6 cm and height 140 cm. Kolos ceramic tables designed by Yonoh Studio for Miniforms, in two sizes and three glossy colors. Relief jacquard fabric worked with the Gobelin technique, designed by Bruno Tarsia for l'Opificio in nine color variants; 70% cotton, 21% viscose and 9% nylon, pattern 13 cm by height of 140 cm. In the background, Città Invisibili wallpaper with cellulose base and textile fibers, free of PVC. Non-toxic, odorless, breathable, hypoallergenic, water repellant or sound absorbing, available in rolls starting from 57 cm without height limitations. Designed by Carlo Stanga for WallPepper® Group.

From left, The Blue Click fabric in printed 100% silk, in three color variants in the height 140 cm; designed by Dimorestudio for Dimoremilano, Progetto Tessuti collection. Column covered in Tonga from the Wallcovering 03 collection in vinyl on cotton fabric, with ribbed surface composed of polymerized vinyl monomer coating, printed with water-base inks; resistant to flame, produced by Vescom in 19 colors, height 130 cm.  Argentario Geometrico jacquard fabric for indoor-outdoor use in 63% flame-retardant and completely recyclable polypropylene and 37% polyester, in five colors with a height of 140 cm, by Christian Fischbacher. Fantastic Madagascar fabric in printed linen and viscose with six color options, produced by Chivasso by Jab with pattern repeat of 95 cm by height 138 cm. Manikins with removable heads and metal base, by La Rosa. In the background, Postmoderno, the wallcovering designed by Alessandro Fusco for CO.DE by Jannelli&Volpi, customized or not, with the possibility of 11 bases including silk, raffia and linen, waterproofed with CO.DE Layer by Rezina (a resin-base blend for fabric wallcoverings); conceived for wet zones, resistant to water, solvents, steam, UV rays.

From left, Nirvana jacquard fabric produced by Rubelli in 100% Trevira CS polyester in 11 color options, with pattern of 8 cm and height of 135 cm and Miss Tina vintage-style chairs reinterpreted by Cristina Zanni and produced by Lalabonbon in tubing – conical for the legs – available with brass, copper, black, blue and bronze finish; seat and back covers in various fabrics. Folla wallpaper, customized on demand, in cellulose and vinyl, with one color only; part of the Yarn collection designed by Elena Salmistraro for Texturae. Chili solid fabric in 75% post-consumer recycled polyester with 25% flame retardant polyester in 47 colors and Go Couture fabric in 100% Trevira in 39 colors, designed by Inger Mosholt Nielsen and produced by Gabriel, height 140 cm. In the background, Mondrian Doha wallpaper with support in TNT from the Wanderlust collection, in a single color, customized on demand, designed by Marcel Wanders by Londonart.

From left, above, Dune, plain-colored fabric made by Romo in 100% cotton, height 140 cm, in a wide range of colors bound by Washi Tape MT Casa line of decorative tapes for furnishings and walls from MT Masking Tape. Center, Arcade Indigo chenille fabric inspired by vintage video games, in 52% viscose, 30% cotton, 18% polyester, 8 colors options, repeat 16 cm, height 136 cm produced by Kirkby Design by Romo Group. Below, Arkad ottoman in the large version with wooden structure, padded in polyurethane foam and covered in elasticized fabric in a range of colors; created by Note Design Studio for Zilio A&C.  Column covered in Atrio geometric jacquard fabric, flame-resistant, yarn-dyed, produced by Dedar in 100% polyester with a choice of six colors, repeat 16 cm, height 134 cm. In the background, Planet of the Apes vinyl wallpaper from the Natural Beauty collection offered by Inkiostro Bianco in two color variants and in the fiberglass version, suitable for wet zones, or in stretched canvas with the possibility of backlighting for theatrical settings, customized on demand.

Photos Efrem Raimondi