A single system, infinite solutions for living the home at night & day: from the bedroom to the living room, from the kitchen to the home-office corner. The modular programs for organizing, dividing, containing, personalizing spaces are increasingly designed in the name of a 'tailor-made series'

Merge, separate, filter, hide, contain, expose. All these functions of living can now be interpreted simultaneously by a single furnishing system. In a transversal dimension between furniture and architecture. These are the so-called Total Living systems, chameleonic programs designed in the name of total freedom of design, designed to solve diversified storage needs and to redefine the living space. Thanks to a practically infinite modularity, to a care of the finishes at 360 degrees, to a wide range of equipment and technological features. The intervention staircase starts from the single wall, perhaps with equipped boiserie, to develop in the size of the wardrobe, even better if double-faced. Up to complex compositions of 'functional' volumes capable of marking, even with passages, the various rooms of the house. All without having to resort to masonry work. In a sense it is the design itself that generates the space. The storage unit becomes an architectural principle and changes the paradigm, because it organizes the space and does not occupy it. In this gallery of images, the combination of two different environments - a living area and a sleeping area - furnished with the same program that declines the different functions, demonstrates the 'modern Zelig' nature of these arch-furnishing systems. .

BoxLife by Scavolini, designed by Rainlight Studio, is a complete and modular interior design system that hides infinite functions to ensure maximum flexibility in the organization of spaces. The program allows linear solutions, corner or gulf, with access to the different areas through concealed, packet, sliding or flap opening systems. In the images, in the same environment, the BoxLife modules work in parallel: on one side the living area, with complete kitchen concealed by packet doors in Grigio Selce finish, on the other the sleeping area, with a foldaway bed (motorized opening) combined to wardrobes with coplanar sliding door, equipped with accessories and lighting.

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio, Modulor is a multipurpose boiserie-system, freely modular and adaptable to the different architectural needs of the residential, contract, hospitality and retail sectors. Always custom-made, thanks to a supporting structure in extruded aluminum it can be configured with suspended equipment and combined with doors and passageways. Available in 98 Rimadesio finishes including lacquered glass, stoneware, fabric, wood and imitation leather. In the images it is expressed in the living area with cream-colored stoneware cladding, shelves and suspended containers, and in a sleeping area with Lux fabric upholstery which also characterizes the door leaf.

SpaceMakers designed by R&S Zalf and Roberto Gobbo for Zalf, is a system that allows you to divide and organize spaces, both for the living area and for the sleeping area. The structures lend themselves to being used as dividing walls which, inside, hide the containers. The SpaceMakers elements are retrofitted, can be placed back to back and can be freely combined with different modules and functions. The openings can be hinged, sliding or coplanar. In the two day / night compositions of the images, the Alterna hinged wardrobe is the protagonist: in the bedroom it contains the wardrobe accessories, in the writing desk module hides the top and shelves, with cable compartment and LED light. Melamine finish, teal color.

Wallover® by Caccaro is a system of vertical and horizontal containers that are freely composed in space, whose design concept is signed by Monica Graffeo, the brand's new art director. The configurations that can be created are endless: from full-height double-sided pillars even from the center of the room to walls equipped with TVs for the living room, from cupboards to bookcases, from containers for the sleeping area to functional solutions for the entrance. The wide range of Wallover® internal equipment transforms every single composition on the basis of the functions it has to perform and the environments it has to furnish. The system introduces two innovative finishes: Kera with a stone effect and Oxid with metallic reflections. In the images a living declination, with two wall-mounted pillar modules, and a sleeping area with two double-sided pillars acting as a filter between bedroom and bathroom. Kera Invisible White finish, marble aesthetic.

From the Code day system by Poliform, R&D design, suspended composition with doors in bronze metallic lacquer and transparent reflective glass with opaque slate handle and backlit marble top. In the sleeping area, Code is combined with the Senzafine Cover wardrobe, integrating a desk / vanity area with a backlit top in black elm, a suspended container, also backlit, in metallic lacquer and marble top, with a background of wood paneling. light linen fabric.

Designed by David Lopez Quincoces for Lema, LT40 is a highly customizable articulated system of containers and wall elements designed on four possible configurations: on the ground, sideboards, wall units, boiserie. In the image night proposal, the W-Line wood paneling in ribbed wood acts as the headboard of the bed and supports the wall units transformed into bedside tables, with integrated LED light; the Terracotta chest of drawers with patinated bronze metal structure also belongs to the program. In the day version, LT40 creates a home-office environment, where the 'walnut L' boiserie supports the suspended desk top, two large lacquered drawers and container elements in transparent extralight tempered glass.

Passpartout between the sleeping area and the living room, Boutique Mast is a system, designed by Piero Lissoni for Porro, which combines graphic linearity with maximum expressive freedom for floor-to-ceiling or wall compositions. In the walk-in closet version it has a burnished brass structure, shelves and open compartments in eucalyptus essence and side mirror; in the living room setting it becomes a light and airy bookcase with reduced section uprights and shelves in iron painted metal.

N.O.W. system by Lago (designed by Daniele Lago), creates new functional spaces that are perfectly integrated with the interior architecture. In the bedroom, it expresses itself as a versatile and infinitely customizable wardrobe, minimal thanks to the handle-free opening system and with an innovative use of color, declined on glossy glass. In the kitchen, it becomes a practical pantry or piece of furniture equipped for household appliances, integrated on the outside or hidden by the doors.